Tuesday, May 27, 2014

April's (Very Belated) Nail Polish Haul

Okay, before you judge me, yes this is a MASSIVE haul, but it was my birthday this month so I have an excuse, and of course most of these polishes were just £1 from the good old pound shops.

Exciting buys this month include the amazing Spiderman collection from Revlon (I'm so happy to see the UK get proper limited edition collections from Revlon), my first Mavala's, and I used my Boots points to treat myself to Essie's Lot Of Lux.

The pound shops were great as I got all the Revlon Colorstays, Top Speeds and Duos, as well as a ton of Rimmels and Sally Hansens, I love getting polish that costs £7 in Boots etc for just £1, it's even better when they are polishes that weren't even released in the UK. :-)

Revlon - Super Powered, I'm Electro, 1000 Volts, Electrified Web, Spidey Sense, Gwen's Crush

Rich, Chameleon, Raspberry Scone, Not So Blueberry
Girly, Ritzy, Graffiti Top Coat 732 & 678, Gold Goddess