Saturday, November 30, 2013

November's Nail Polish Haul

T J Hughes reopened in Coventry this month which made me a little excited as when it was last open I used to get quite a few nice things from there at great prices. It has changed a little bit though, as there were quite a few make up items that I knew were for sale in pound shops but were at least £1.99 or more in T J Hughes, needless to say I avoided those bits, but that didn't stop me picking up one or two (okay, several!) polishes while I was looking around.

This month I also got a selection of Jess polishes from Poundland, this is a new brand that seems to only be sold there, and there is some really nice colours, we're talking duochromes and funky glitters, so I snapped a few up and will be keeping an eye out to see it they are a fleeting brand or if it's around to stay.

Right, let's get to the polish porn, I've still only got my dodgy camera that won't behave so I'm afraid the photos suck a bit.

Sally Hansens
Magical - Magneta Magic 
Insta-Dri - S-teal a Base, In Record Lime, Butterfly Stroke, Man-go Team, Straw-ready
Crackle Overcoat - Star Burst
Xtreme Wear - Lemon Zest, Kiwi Bikini, Berry Juicy, Lacey Lilac, Pinch Of Punch, Supernova
Magnetic - Ionic Indigo
Claire's - Soda Pop, Fluffy, Festive Fun

Jess - Tiger Lily (Version 1), Rock Chick, Disco Diva, All That Jazz, Breathless, Mystery, Hot Date, Blue Moon
Miss Sporty - Lasting Colour 7 Days 060, 330, 380, 410, 450, 470, 475, 500
Astor Fashion Studio - 025, 138
Fashion Studio Fruity Scent 085, 107
Freshcover - Momosa

Friday, November 01, 2013

Octobers Nail Polish Haul

I got some great polish this month, Maybelline released their Brocades collection which I love (I just wish we had the whole collection in the UK, I've seen the US collection and I need the green one). Barry M released four limited editions for christmas for Superdrug and Boots, two of which are lovely bar glitters. I love the Barry M christmas polishes, the matching foil caps are so cool, and let's face it who doesn't love matching caps.

Maybelline Color Show Brocades - Foil Flash, Knitted Gold, Woven Skyline, Rosy Rosettes 
Barry M Christmas Limited Editions - Boots C, Boots D, Superdrug E, Superdrug F, Lady 
Bourjois - Dangerous Wish, Enchanting Potion

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