Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mays Nail Polish Haul

Okay, if there's an award for bad bloggers I should win it. I'm so sorry that I've not really posted much, I've been snowed under with other crap in life and the shifts in my job have been a complete nightmare so when I get home I just wanna eat and sleep.

So I know the last post was a lazy ass haul post, and I'm sure you'd much prefer some sexy polish swatches instead but you'll just have to put up with this instead, sorry about that, I hope you can forgive me. :-)

Last month I had a week off, I had all sorts planned, but I ended up spending the week in bed with flu, but ebay came to my rescue and I ended up chasing after some vintage polish which I hadn't had time to do for a while. I added some more Revlons to my stash including Comet, which I'd been after for ages, and it's not what I expected, it's much prettier. I also ended up buying a few duochrome OPI's and finally got a bottle of Urban Decays Bruise. On top of the Vintage I also picked up some cute glass fleck polishes from boots Seventeen.

Revlon - Comet, Harmony, Amethyst Shell, Get Platinum, Garnet Lame

Revlon - Silver Spell, Catty, Innocent, Girly, Downtown