Monday, April 30, 2012

Seven Days Of Green - Day 7 Revlon Apple-tini Fizz

It's day seven of my green polish posts and I'm kinda sad it's coming to an end as it's been fun. As it's the last post I decided to feature my favourite nail polish brand Revlon.

I was going to show you a HTF polish, but as Revlon have launched the Fizz collection in the UK I thought it might be useful to swatch Apple-tini Fizz instead, so anyone that wants to see what's like can see a swatch, also it means it shouldn't be too hard to find if you like the look of it.

A word of warning this is the US version, and I don't have the UK one to check they're the same, but I wouldn't think they'd be much different if at all.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seven Days Of Green - Day 6 L'Oreal Raindance

Todays polish is quite a stunner, and it's one of the reasons why I love vintage polish, the old colours are so cool and unique.
Let me introduce you to L'Oreal LaquiResist in Raindance and prepare to fall in love..

I have no idea how old this polish is, but it's probably at least 5 years old, and it's quite hard to find now, so if you want it you might have a hunt on your hands, but that's all part of the thrill of being a polish collector. :-)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Seven Days Of Green - Day 5 Collection 2000 Spangles

Today I've got a bright green creme for you, I hope you like it.

Here's Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Spangles, a funky bright green, put this on your nails and you'll be sure to be seen. :-)

I got this from the poundshop when they were selling a load of old Collection 2000 make up cheap, needless to say I'm more than happy to own this beauty. I think the best place to find a bottle of this is from ebay now, although it should be nice and cheap which is always a good thing.

Collection 2000 Nail Polish in Spangles

This was three thick coats, I had problems with it drying as soon as it touched my nails (the bottle does say it's fast dry, but I wasn't expecting it to be that fast), and was looking really streaky, three coats did the trick, and thankfully it levelled out well, so looked pretty good in the end.

It's a nice bright green creme, and I think it could be a dupe for OPI's Who The Shrek Are You? but I don't have that so can't compare, but it is on my wishlist so if I do get it I'll do a comparison.

Cheerio for now, I'll be back tomorrow with more green polish for you.

Heather. :-)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Seven Days Of Green - Day 4 Maybelline So Green

So after yesterday's amazing holo green I thought I'd pick something a bit darker and a bit older for today.

This is an ebay find, I've no idea how old it is, so if you know let me know, no matter what it's age is I think it's rather lovely. Say hello to Maybelline's Express Finish in So Green.

So Green is a blueish green, I don't have another green like it, it's one of those dark shimmery greens that's not to everyones tastes, but I think it's pretty special, have a look and see for yourself...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seven Days Of Green - Day 3 Nubar Reclaim

Day three of my green polish posts, I figured we've had a creme, and a shimmer, so how about I throw in a holographic into the mix.
Nubar Reclaim - Green holo magic in a bottle.
I lusted after Nubar Reclaim for a while after seeing it on blogs, and eventally got it as a treat for myself. I'm sure you've seen swatches of this so many times already, but what the hell, it's so lovely it's worth showing it on my blog too. :-)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seven Days Of Green - Day 2 Sally Hansen Laquer Shine - Glow

Oops, I didn't get round to posting this post yesterday as I'd planned, life got in the way, but never mind, I have time to post it now. :-)

Anyway, let's get onto the polish. Today I'm going to show you Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Glow which a beautiful glowing green.
Sally Hansen Laquer Shine - Glow
 I got this one from ebay, but since I did I've seen plenty in the pound shops, so if you like it you should be able to get a bottle for less than £4 in the UK.

Glow is a bright apple green with yellow shimmer running through it. I think if you find this polish cheap you should snap it up, it truly is a wonderful green, maybe I should let you see for yourself....

Monday, April 23, 2012

Seven Days Of Green - Day 1 Maybelline Colorama Green Park

I was looking through my polish trying to decide what I should swatch next for this blog, and I decided I'd swatch seven green polishes and show you a swatch a day. I've picked a mixture of old and new so I might create a lemming or two but some will be a little easier to find than others.

So here's green polish number one, Maybelline Colorama Green Park.

Maybelline Colorama - Green Park
 I love the little colorama bottles, they're so cute, I think the polish colour is as cute as the bottle too.

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Glitter Birthday Manicure :-D

It was my birthday the other day, so to celebrate I thought I'd have a nice sparkly polish on my nails.

My boyfriend got me OPI's Rainbow Connection for Christmas, and I'd been saving it for a special occasion as it's my first OPI, so I figured my birthday would be a good time to use it.
OPI - Rainbow Connection
OPI Rainbow Connection is a clear base with three different sizes of glitter in silver, sky blue, pink, orange, green and yellow, it's a party in a bottle of polish!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April's first nail polish haul

Picture heavy post alert!

Today I've got another haul post for you, as I went into town and checked out all the pound shops for nail polish bargains, needless to say I went home a happy little nail polish addict! :-)

I hope you don't mind haul posts, personally I love seeing what goodies fellow bloggers have found, and I'm more than happy to swatch stuff if there's any you fancy and can't find a swatch online.

I also like to show you stuff that you can get for cheap and as the pound shops change what nail polish is in stock quite often, it's good to know what's in store.

Right, enough waffling, on to the polish...
L-R Revlon No Shrinking Violet, Plum Night & Red Hot Tamale
My camera couldn't capture Red Hot Tamale, it's a bright red rather than the weird orange in this photo.
L-R Revlon Lilac Pastelle, Sunshine Sparkle & Demure

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Revlon's Wild Orchid - Nail Polish Review

Well considering I wouldn't class myself as the type of girl who likes pink, I've managed to collect an awful lot of pink nail polish, I didn't mean too, but I can't resist anything that looks even just a little bit interesting, if it's got glitter or a nice shimmer in it, it's mine, and that applies to pretty much every colour to be honest!

Anyway, I'm going to show you one of the first pinks I owned and it's really quite a lovely one.
Revlon - Wild Orchid
This is Revlon's Wild Orchid, it's a light sheer pink (three coats and I still had vnl), but what makes this special is that it has a blue shimmery flash, but not just that, it has lovely tiny bits of holographic glitter in it! I think it's quite possibly the prettiest looking bottle of pink polish I own, and It's worth having just because of how it looks in the bottle, but it's nice on the nail too.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Kylie Minogue's Anti-Tour - Wow, what a night!

Wow, I had the best night on Sunday, I went to Kylie's Anti-Tour gig at the Manchester Academy, and it was the most amazing gig of hers that I've ever been to.

My day started off with a two hour drive to Manchester, I arrived at 2pm and joined all the other crazy fans that wanted to be near the front in the queue. Luckily all the people next to me in the queue were lovely and I had a great time chatting to everyone and it was was so nice to share all our different Kylie experiences.
We were let in to the venue at 7, and of course I went straight to the stage, I managed to get a spot about 4 rows from the front, I was with some other short girls, none of us were above 5'3" and we asked a couple of the really tall guys in front if they'd let us stand in front, but it was a no, I still had a view I was happy with so I didn't mind too much, I just felt a bit bad for the two girls I was with that were shorter than me.
The ticket said no support act but there was a DJ who was pretty bad, when he played a bit of Kylie the crowd starting dancing and singing along but he'd then suddenly stop and play something else, his mixing was so bad and there was no flow to the set, by the end audience cheered when he finished as we just wanted Kylie on stage.

(Photo by Martin_BG from