Monday, April 30, 2012

Seven Days Of Green - Day 7 Revlon Apple-tini Fizz

It's day seven of my green polish posts and I'm kinda sad it's coming to an end as it's been fun. As it's the last post I decided to feature my favourite nail polish brand Revlon.

I was going to show you a HTF polish, but as Revlon have launched the Fizz collection in the UK I thought it might be useful to swatch Apple-tini Fizz instead, so anyone that wants to see what's like can see a swatch, also it means it shouldn't be too hard to find if you like the look of it.

A word of warning this is the US version, and I don't have the UK one to check they're the same, but I wouldn't think they'd be much different if at all.

This is three coats of Apple-tini Fizz, it went on beautifully, and before it had even dried I could smell the fragrance which I really like, it doesn't really smell of apples, but it reminds me of sweets and I like it. I'm not really a fan of VNL but I love this polish so much that I don't mind, it's such a crazy colour, it's a lime / snot green jelly with glass flecks, I've tried to get photos that show how it looks in different lights, sometimes it looks more yellow than green, but my photos don't really show it too well.

I imagine this will be great layered over another green or yellow polish to give a more intense colour and to show off the glass flecks, I'll have to try it some time.

So, that marks the end of Seven Days Of Green, I hope you've liked some of the polishes I've shared, and enjoyed my posts, I'd love to know which green polish is your favorite, or if you don't like green polish at all.

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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