Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Kylie Minogue's Anti-Tour - Wow, what a night!

Wow, I had the best night on Sunday, I went to Kylie's Anti-Tour gig at the Manchester Academy, and it was the most amazing gig of hers that I've ever been to.

My day started off with a two hour drive to Manchester, I arrived at 2pm and joined all the other crazy fans that wanted to be near the front in the queue. Luckily all the people next to me in the queue were lovely and I had a great time chatting to everyone and it was was so nice to share all our different Kylie experiences.
We were let in to the venue at 7, and of course I went straight to the stage, I managed to get a spot about 4 rows from the front, I was with some other short girls, none of us were above 5'3" and we asked a couple of the really tall guys in front if they'd let us stand in front, but it was a no, I still had a view I was happy with so I didn't mind too much, I just felt a bit bad for the two girls I was with that were shorter than me.
The ticket said no support act but there was a DJ who was pretty bad, when he played a bit of Kylie the crowd starting dancing and singing along but he'd then suddenly stop and play something else, his mixing was so bad and there was no flow to the set, by the end audience cheered when he finished as we just wanted Kylie on stage.

(Photo by Martin_BG from sayhey.co.uk)
When Kylie came on stage the crowd went wild, and I was so excited, it was amazing to see her so close, I've always been miles away from the stage at her other gigs so this was a real treat for me. She opened with Magnetic Electric which was a bonus track from the X album and everyone in the crowd were singing along, if this had been a normal Kylie gig I think most of the crowd wouldn't even know the song, but this gig was full of hardcore fans and most of us knew every word to every song she sang.
(Photo by Martin_BG from sayhey.co.uk)
I'd seen the set list from Australia so I had an idea of the songs she'd sing, and we got most of them, although I was gutted she didn't sing That's Why They Write Love Songs as she's only performed it live three times and it's never been released either and I would've loved to hear it live, but she sang Tale Tell Signs from the Enjoy Yourself album which more than made up for it. 

Getting to hear songs that I'll probably never hear again live is something so special that I'll never forget, and it was made even more special by one of the tall guys in front of me letting me and the two girls I was with go in front of him for the encore so then I had the best view ever, it was so sweet of him, and I was so grateful.

After the gig I managed to get a set list, I always try to get one and I'll keep it with my ticket, my Dad said I should put it on ebay, but there's no way I'd ever do that! I hung around by the stage door after I got outside and managed to catch a glimpse of her as she left, I was hoping to get her autograph, but it wasn't to be, maybe one day...

Oh course after it was all over I had my two drive home, and of course I put Kylie on the stereo and sung my heart out all the way home.

I'm so glad I was able to go to such a special gig, and I'll never forget it.

Cheerio for now,


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