Monday, April 23, 2012

Seven Days Of Green - Day 1 Maybelline Colorama Green Park

I was looking through my polish trying to decide what I should swatch next for this blog, and I decided I'd swatch seven green polishes and show you a swatch a day. I've picked a mixture of old and new so I might create a lemming or two but some will be a little easier to find than others.

So here's green polish number one, Maybelline Colorama Green Park.

Maybelline Colorama - Green Park
 I love the little colorama bottles, they're so cute, I think the polish colour is as cute as the bottle too.

Maybelline Colorama - Green Park
This was my first Maybelline Colorama, and I found it in the pound shop. I don't have any greens like this, and I like that it's a creme as I don't have many of them.

I really loved this polish, and it was lovely to apply, I used three coats and it went on well. I can imagine I'll be wearing this one in the summer months as it reminds me of mint ice cream.

I have no idea when this polish was made, I'm guessing it's not too old as I got it from the poundshop, but it could still be a few years old, if you know get in touch.

I'm looking forward to showing you the other green polishes I've swatched I hope you like green as it's all you're getting this week!

Cheerio for now.


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