Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seven Days Of Green - Day 2 Sally Hansen Laquer Shine - Glow

Oops, I didn't get round to posting this post yesterday as I'd planned, life got in the way, but never mind, I have time to post it now. :-)

Anyway, let's get onto the polish. Today I'm going to show you Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Glow which a beautiful glowing green.
Sally Hansen Laquer Shine - Glow
 I got this one from ebay, but since I did I've seen plenty in the pound shops, so if you like it you should be able to get a bottle for less than £4 in the UK.

Glow is a bright apple green with yellow shimmer running through it. I think if you find this polish cheap you should snap it up, it truly is a wonderful green, maybe I should let you see for yourself....

Look at that lovely shimmer, it really makes this polish great, and I love the colour so much. this was three coats and it was great to use, I might have to pop this on my toes in the summer as it'll be great as a pedicure.

What do you think of this green? Is it the type of green you love or do you like darker murky greens?

Cheerio for now


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