Friday, April 20, 2012

My Glitter Birthday Manicure :-D

It was my birthday the other day, so to celebrate I thought I'd have a nice sparkly polish on my nails.

My boyfriend got me OPI's Rainbow Connection for Christmas, and I'd been saving it for a special occasion as it's my first OPI, so I figured my birthday would be a good time to use it.
OPI - Rainbow Connection
OPI Rainbow Connection is a clear base with three different sizes of glitter in silver, sky blue, pink, orange, green and yellow, it's a party in a bottle of polish!

I layered Rainbow Connection over Relvon Sunset Chrome which is a pink chrome, I wanted a coloured base for the glitter and I think the pink works well. You'll have to try to ignore my horrid cuticles, they're alot better than they were a few months ago, but still not great, plus I had to fix my middle nail with a teabag and nail glue as I've a nasty break and that hasn't helped my nails look nice. Anyway, have a look at the lovely polish, isn't it pretty. :-) 
OPI rainbow Connection over Relvon sunset Chrome
I have loved having this on my nails, it's just so pretty and sparkly, from a distance it looked like I'd got foil on my nails as the glitter's so reflective. I think OPI should do a version of this without the silver glitter in, as although I love how it looks, I'd love a version that's a bit more colourful, I feel the silver takes over and it's only up close that you get to see the multicoloured glitter.

One downside to this polish was it's application, it's pretty tricky as the glitter's chunky and you have to try to get it where you want and try to get it to lie flat, I found the brush a bit too big to help me do this as I couldn't be very accurate, but I'm sure with practice my application skills will get better. As the glitter's chunky you'll need a good top coat to smooth it out, I used two coats myself. The other downside was taking it off, it seems the chunkier the glitter the harder it wants to stick to your nails, but I guess that's the price you pay for glitter.

I'm so happy my boyfriend treated me to this for Christmas, it's a polish that will always have a special place in my heart and will no doubt be wheeled out whenever I want to celebrate.

That's it for today, but I'd love to know if you have a polish that you save for special occasions?

Cheerio for now,


P.S I never know if I should put OPI or O.P.I, I see both used on blogs so have no idea which one is better.

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