Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nail Mail - Vintage Rimmel Haul

Today's a nail mail post, my amazing boyfriend treated me to some polish, I got a load of stuff that I just had to share with you. This post is going to feature the vintage Rimmels I got.
Please be warned this post is picture heavy!

Now as I've mentioned previously I love Revlons, but I also have quite a soft spot for Rimmel as it was one of the first brands of make up I ever bought. There are a couple of oldies that I'm hunting for, but I'd quite like to get all the old ones, they have made some great polishes over the years (although they're pretty dull right now).

I spotted a job lot of 14 Rimmels on ebay, I hadn't seen some of the names before, but  I could see from the photo there were a few nice colours so I thought I'd take a chance on them. There was a bit of a bidding war, but I managed to get them all for £10 including P&P, not bad for 14 polishes!

Enough talking about them, here's some photos for you.
L-R Rimmel 580 Chill Out, 611 Offshoot, 602 Mirror, 592 Industrial
L-R Rimmel 590 Atlantic, 898 Fanatic, 838 Extravaganza, 521 Toffee
L-R Rimmel 878 Magnetize, 872 Climax, 874 Zenith, 568 Mesmerise
Rimmel Mesmerise - Deep purple with blue glitter.

In the job lot I got two of toffee, and a bottle of Stardust which I've already got so I didn't bother taking photos of them.

Here's a brief description of each one.

580 Chill Out - Semi sheer white base with small blue iridescent glitter.
611 Offshoot - Semi sheer white with pink shimmer.
602 Mirror - Metallic silver
592 Industrial - Green tinged grey shimmer
590 Atlantic - Blue green base with lighter green shimmer.
898 Fanatic - Turquoise Shimmer
838 Extravaganza - Orange pink base with fuchsia shimmer
521 Toffee - Toffee brown Shimmer
878 Magnetize - Pinky lilac Shimmer
872 Climax - Lilac Shimmer
874 Zenith - Purple base with purple/blue shimmer
568 Mesmerise - Deep purple with blue glitter

I'm so happy with these, they'll all great colours, and I was over the moon when I saw Mesmerise, I've never seen it on any blogs so didn't know they'd made  polish like that. I really love it.

I also got five more Rimmels in separate auctions.

L-R Rimmel 879 Shocking, 258 Ministry
Shocking is a bright blue with pink shimmer, and Ministry is a dark grey shimmer.

L-R Rimmel 407 Venus, 881 Time Out, 450 Amazon
I got Venus just because of it's name, I love Space and I think there's a few Rimmels named after planets so I'm going to try to collect them all. I also got Time Out as it looked nice, it's a plum purple base with a blue simmer.

I love hunting for vintage Rimmels, there's so many out there, and the old colours are really interesting, I just wish they weren't always gloopy, I'm gonna have to get to polish restorer so I can wear these polishes, until I do these will remain un-swatched.

Do you have any vintage Rimmels, I'd love to know if there's any really cool ones I should be hunting for.

Cheerio for now.



  1. wow! really great collection! i like every polish!!)
    so, from vintage rimmels I have Millenium, Ice Queen, Jubilation. they're really extraordinary. to be honest, i love vintages more than they release now :\
    well, do you have some old colors from your nearby shops?

    1. Yay! You left the first comment on my blog, thank you for commenting. :-)
      I'm glad someone else loves the old Rimmels as much as I do.
      I've not heard of Ice Queen and Jubilation, I've love to know what they're like. I've managed to get some old bottles from a market stall near me, but mostly I get the old ones from ebay.