Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Revlon Zing Collection

Happy Birthday to me, today I'm celebrating being another year older, I plan to play pinball in a localish pub, if the pinball machine is still there. I really love pinball and would love to have my own one day, but for now I'll be happy with any old pinball fix. :-)

As it's my birthday I thought I'd feature my favorite nail polish brand Revlon with one of their most amazing collections, the Color Zing Collection from 2000. When I started getting into polish the Zings went straight to the top of my wishlist, duochromes are my favorite polishes so it was no surprise that I fell head over heels for them. I wouldn't have known about them if it wasn't for Kaz and her posts about them on her Pretty Random blog (see her wonderful swatches here), if you love vintage polish you really should check out her blog, but be warned your wishlist will get bigger. :-)

There is two Zing collections, the black capped ones which are from the US, and the gold capped ones from the UK and EU. Below are the photos of the ones in my collection.

Revlon - KiwiZing, VioletZing, TangyZing, CitrusZing, RoseZing
KiwiZing, VioletZing, TangyZing, CitrusZing, RoseZing

Revlon - PeachZing, CherryZing, VelvetZing, JungleZing, GoldZing
PeachZing, CherryZing, VelvetZing, JungleZing, GoldZing
One thing I'm not sure about is if they are called KiwiZing or Kiwi Zing, there's no spaces on the bottles, and when the collection was released they didn't have a space either, so I'm thinking it should be no space but with a capital Z for the zing.

Here's a list of the Zings that we know of (I've put the numbers of the ones I have)

Black Capped
490 KiwiZing
491 VioletZing
492 TangyZing
493 CitrusZing
494 RoseZing
503 CherryZing
PeachZing (This one is different to the other ones, it's number is 311)

Gold Capped
197 VelvetZing
199 JungleZing
201 GoldZing

This month has been great to me for finding Zings, I found JungleZing and Velvet Zing the other week from one seller, and then I found CherryZing as part of a joblot, and it arrived today so it was a perfect birthday present. I'm just now looking for MangoZing, KhakiZing, ReallyZing and NightZing, I'll be happpy when I get a full set. :-)

So that's it for today, I'd love to know if you've got any Revlon Zings in your collection, and what you think of them.

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)


  1. I've never seen the Revlon Zings before, interesting! Happy birthday!!!

    1. Thanks! :-) The Zings are great, you should hunt them down if you like duochromes.

  2. Happy birthday to you! :) Wish you amount of luck and happiness :))
    Those Zings looks really cool, I like duochromes too, and I think that this collection is one of the coolest duochromes ever :)

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. :-) You're right it's a lovely collection, I wish I had them all.

  3. Happy belated Birthday! Such lovely, lovely Zings!! I wish Revlon had made more!

    1. Cheers! It's all your fault that I'm hunting for Zings, and you're so right that Revlon should've made more. :-)