Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vintage Vault - Sally Hansen - Wired

Today I have a polish that is really special to me, it's Sally Hansen's Wired from the old Hard As Nails Line. I had ordered this off a seller on ebay and was chuffed to find it for sale in the UK for a really cheap price, when it arrived it looked great and I popped it in my helmer and left it alone for a week or two, then when looking for something to swatch I pulled it out and found that it was going funny, the glitter was shrinking and the base colour had changed, I think someone had basically topped it up with nail polish remover or something, but whatever it was it dissolved all the glitter in it, luckily the seller was really cool and gave me a refund.

A couple of weeks later a parcel from the US turns up for my boyfriend and he gives it to me to open, it was a brand new bottle of Wired! He knew I was sad to lose my bottle so hunted down a replacement, which is so sweet, and completely unexpected, so now Wired is one of my most precious polishes, just because of him. :-)

Anyway, on to the photos first, I'll chat about the polish after.

Outdoors - Bright Sunlight
Outdoors - Shade
Outdoors - Shade (You can see the brown glitter in this shot)
Indoors - Natural Light
Indoors - Natural Light
So as you can see Wired is pretty damn awesome, it's one of those colours you either love or hate, I do think it looks a bit like the colour of what might come out of either end of a baby, but the glitter in it makes it into a superstar polish. I mean who would've thought an icky brown jelly base with coopery brown and holographic glitter would be a good idea? I tell you, Sally Hansen is a genius, and I love that there are polishes like this out there.

This was three coats and was a joy to use, it's pretty unique in my collection and if you like yucky brown polishes I think you should hunt this one down on ebay.

So what do you think of Wired, yay or nay?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)


  1. What a sweet guy! I have this one and I love it! Its one of those awesome "fugly" polishes ;) hey girl, I have something super fun to ask; I haven't heard back from you via FB message so shoot me an email! ❤

    1. It is awesome isn't it, I wish there were fugly colours like this out there these days made by the big drugstore brands. By the way, I've sent you an email. :-)