Tuesday, May 27, 2014

April's (Very Belated) Nail Polish Haul

Okay, before you judge me, yes this is a MASSIVE haul, but it was my birthday this month so I have an excuse, and of course most of these polishes were just £1 from the good old pound shops.

Exciting buys this month include the amazing Spiderman collection from Revlon (I'm so happy to see the UK get proper limited edition collections from Revlon), my first Mavala's, and I used my Boots points to treat myself to Essie's Lot Of Lux.

The pound shops were great as I got all the Revlon Colorstays, Top Speeds and Duos, as well as a ton of Rimmels and Sally Hansens, I love getting polish that costs £7 in Boots etc for just £1, it's even better when they are polishes that weren't even released in the UK. :-)

Revlon - Super Powered, I'm Electro, 1000 Volts, Electrified Web, Spidey Sense, Gwen's Crush

Rich, Chameleon, Raspberry Scone, Not So Blueberry
Girly, Ritzy, Graffiti Top Coat 732 & 678, Gold Goddess

Top Speed - Infamous, VIP, Dress Code, After Party, Socialite, Invitation Only, Spooky Skull

Colorstay - Spanish Moss, Bare Bones, Sandy Nude, Buttercup, Bonsai, Rain Forest, Amethyst, Blue Slate, Rich Raspberry, Delicious

Nail Art Expressionist Duos
Pop Art, Night & Degas, Silhouette, Pinkasso, Vincent Van Gold, Jackson Polish
Nail Art Clalkboard Duos
Straight A's, Study Date

60 Seconds - Get Your Shades On, Sunny Days, Cupcake Pink, I Lilac You, Too Cool To Tango, Sage All The Rage, Captain Khaki, Precious Metal, Fifty Shades Of Pink, Golden Hour, Headbanging Green, Headbanging Blue, Headbanging Pink, Punch 'n' JudieRock N Red, Midnight Skinny Dip, Singing De Blues, Adam 'N' Eve It, Make A Splash, Green Eyed Monster, Hide & Seek, Jungle Fever, Stuck In The Mud
Lasting Finish - Block Your Green, You're A Cracker, Strawberry Fizz (Fruities)
Precious Stones - Diamond Dust
Cocktail Colour - Cutie Colada
Sweetie Crush - Sherbet Sweetheart, Fizzy Applelicious
Lasting Finish Pro - Hard Metal, Rags To Riches
Lycra Pro - Sea Green

Sally Hansen
Sugar Coat - Royal Icing, Treat-Heart, Pink Sprinkle, Red Velvet, Spare-A-Mint, Candy Corn, Laughie Taffy, Gummy Grape
Salon Manicure - Glare Necessities

Barry M - Atlantic Road, Kingsland Road, Ridley Road, Chameleon Blue, Heather, Superdrug Birthday
Boots Seventeen - In The Surf, Grey, Blue
Essie - Lots Of Lux
Nails Inc - Mortimer Street
Maybelline Color Show Crystallize - Red Excess, Nearly Black
Models Own - Bronze Rage
Claire's  - Dork
Orly - Honeymoon In Style, Sugar Plum, Shimmering Mauve

Pink Tease - Un-named Neon Green, Un-named Neon Orange, Un-named Pink Jelly, Yellow Glitter
Jess - Dancing Queen, Joy, Catwalk, Mulled Wine, Satsuma, Playmate, Hot Chocolate, Mink Coat, First Kiss, Willow
Accessorize - Bumble Bee
Manhattan Lotus Effect - 02, 03
Astor Lacque Deluxe - Tonic Orange

Spoiled - First Class Only, Cougar Attack, Deeper Dive
Vera Valenti VV Shine - Dark & Bright Duos
TopShop - Dare....., Moonshine, Gilted, Treasure, Dazzle, Mine Hands, Suffuse
Bourjois - I Like To Mauve It, Gris Nightomic

Ciate - Denim Manicure Set with Regatta Polish
Mavala - Sparkling Red, Sparkling Gold, Sparkling Violet
Leighton Denny - Over The Rainbow

NV - Clock Strikes Midnight, Frog Prince, Glass Slipper, Pixie Dust

Expressions Girl - Sand Texture Set Of Four

So that's a ton of polish right? Good job I built my 4th Helmer to fit it all in, and that I've got a very understanding boyfriend. If I didn't work in town every day I probably wouldn't be buying as much, but I enjoy walking round town looking for goodies in my lunch break.

I'm gonna try to be good next month and try not to buy as much, but it all depends on the pound shops not having anything good in. :-D

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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  1. Girl I've been waiting for this post! Amazing haul!!!!!!!!