Monday, July 07, 2014

June's Nail Polish Haul

 I was really good this month, compared to most months I hardly bought a thing!

I got some polish this month that I was seriously happy to have. Being a vintage polish lover and a massive fan of Revlon I've always wished I could find some really old bottles, well I spotted an auction on ebay with three old Revlons, they cost me £30 for the three, but I thought that was a bargain, especially when they're all still liquid and useable. They'll get their own post as they're so cool.

As well as the old Revlons, I got some Sally Hansens, L'Oreal's, a Nails Inc, and a joblot of really old make-up off ebay with some dried up Cutex and Nailcote polish and other bits, which also deserve their own post. Anyway enough yapping, here are the photos of this months haul...

Revlon - Windsor, Mocha Polka, Frosted Cinnamon Stick

Revlon - Goldeneye, Bronze Fever, Wicked Star

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine - Moonstone, Gilt, Firefly, Azure, Plume

Sally Hansen - Snow Globe, Jet Set Jade, Chop Chop Copper, On Parade

L'Oreal - The Muse's Attitude, The Temptress' Touch, The Muse's Inspiration, The Queens Might, The Mystic's Future

Nail Inc - Royal Mews, Filthy Gorgeous - Rock Chick, Maybelline MYN - 553

Cutex - Old Rose, Cameo, Nailcote - Coral Dust, Dusky Lagoon, Natural Pink

I love the old Revlons, the packaging is so cute, and I can't wait to share them with you. I had plenty of goodies from the pound shops, including Revlons Wicked Heart (which you have to buy if you see it), and all the Sally Hansens, some of which I had saved in my watch list on ebay for alot more than a pound.

If you don't go in pound shops but you love nail polish you really should check them out, I've got so many great polishes from there, and best of all alot of the stuff is limited editions from other countries and have never been released in the UK.

Right that's this months haul done, I'll try to make my next post a swatch post as I haven't done one of those for ages.

Cheerio for now.

Heather. :-)

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