Friday, November 30, 2012

Enamoured - 80 years of Revlon

The reason I'm writting this post is because I want to celebrate Revlon's 80th birthday. Revlon are one of my favorite nail polish brands and at this point in time I have over 130 Revlon polishes in my collection, some are vintage ones like the amazing Zings while others are newer ones like Galaxy and Punk, you can see exactly which polishes I've by clicking on the My Collection tab above.

Revlon themselves are having a birthday bash in London this weekend, I had an invite to go tonight but I just couldn't afford the travel so I'm a bit gutted I won't be there, but it's open to anyone so if you fancy it pop along. Their celebration is an exhibtion at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden and it's open all weekend and is free.

For my part of the celebrations I thought I might share a few of my favorite bottles of Revlon polish, I'm going to be painting my nails with a Revlon polish later, but haven't decided what colour yet, I'll be sure to post about it once my nails are painted.
Anyway, here's some sexy Revlons, enjoy. :-)

Diamonds Are Forever - Revlon did a James Bond themed collection years before OPI did.
KiwiZing - Revlon rocked with an amazing collection of duochromes called Zings.
Beach - A scented polish from not long ago.

Facets of Fushia - I love it when Revlon does glitter.
GoldZing - another from the Zing collection, probably my rarest Revlon.
Hot Roxx - ahhh glitter I love you.
Tropical Chrome - these are great, forget Barry M nail foils hunt these down instead.
Banana Blaze - My only Glimmer Gloss, but I want more, I love the glittery see-through caps.
Midnight Affair - amazing deep blue, I could dive into it.
Icicles - pretty glittery fun, great for layering.
Shazam - another vintage Revlon glitter.
Watermelon Fizz - this smells so nice, and it's pretty too.
Khaki Chrome - Chrome finish and it's a duochrome!
Apple-tini Fizz - Glass fleck, scented, and green, I love it!
So that's a few of my favorite Revlons, there's tons more, but I it'd be a loooooonnnnnngggg post if I showed all my favorite Revlons as I have to many!

If you do get to go to Enamoured have a great time and let me know what you thought.

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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