Thursday, August 30, 2012

Barry M - Lilac Foil and Lavender Hexograms

It seems like ages since I've had some Barry M on my nails, so I went through my stash to see what I'd got.

I came up with two polishes to try out, Lilac Foil as I love my Sally Hansen and Revlon chrome polishes so I wanted to see how this compared, and Lavender Hexograms which I've been trying to think of a polish this would go well with.

I've had Lavander Hexograms for a while now, I think I got it last christmas, and I got Lilac Foil not that long after, it was a free gift when you bought three barry M polishes from Superdrug, they've both been calling to me, but I never realised they were meant to be together.

First I'll show you Lilac Foil on it's own. First off, the colour on the nail is the same as in the bottle (I find it annoying when bottle colour doesn't match what it's like on your nail) so I'm happy about that. I did two coats, the formula was okay, thicker than a Sally Hansen or Revlon Chrome, but it went on okay. It shows your brush stokes which is a pain, but over all it's a pretty polish so I think I can forgive a brush stroke or two.

Barry M Lilac Foil Nail Polish Swatch

The only thing I'm not happy about with this polish is that is's not as reflective as I'd like, maybe it's not meant to be, but I'd just like abit more something, it's pretty but it's not stunning as I'd hoped it would be.

Now Lavender Hexograms has been one of those glitters that I've just not found anything that I thought it would look good over, until today. I just saw them both and it clicked, the glitter is exactly the same colour as Lilac Foil, it shouldn't work but it does. Depending on the light the square glitter disappears or reflects the light so it's really sparkly, and the tiny silver glitter twinkles away and just adds to the party. I really love this combo, I just wish my photos did it justice, I took loads as it was so nice, and here they are...

Barry M Lilac Foil with Lavander Hexograms Nail Polish Swatch

Well that's it for today, do you have any favorite layering combos?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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