Tuesday, August 14, 2012

London 2012 Olympics Part 5 - Night time at the Olympic Park

This is the last of my Olympic posts, you'll probably be glad to hear that, we can get back to nail polish after this. :-)

My last post was about the synchronised swimming which was great to watch, and after that I spent the rest of my day in the Olympic Park, this post is about my evening in the park.

Anish Kapoor's Orbit Tower

I had gone to London on my own, no-one I knew was interested in going when I ordered my tickets, but I was quite happy to be alone, it let me have the choice to go wherever I wanted whenever I felt like it. After the swimming I went to the huge McDonalds and got some food, I never buy McDonalds so in a way it was a treat and another experience to add to the day.

After lunch I took a walk around the park, it was a perfect summers day for a walk and I had wonderful surrounding. There were plenty of trees and flower beds (I actually took some flowers and dried them when I got home) so I walked by them instead of being in the middle of the crowds.
I ended up spending a few hours watching the days sporting action on the big screens in the park, I'd seen people doing just that during the BBC coverage so I'd wanted to go there and enjoy the atmosphere, I had a nice shady spot and everyone around me were nice and chatty. I took some photos of view from there before I left, they're underneath for you to see.
Watching the athletics on the big screens in the park.
The Velodrome, home to the cycle track which saw much excitement during the games.
The Basketball Arena and the crowd watching the big screen on the other side of the river. 
The sun setting on the park and it's time for me to leave.

When it was time to go home I took my time walking through the park, I didn't really want to leave but I had to catch my coach, I made sure I took some more photos of stuff I'd missed earlier.

The Cola-Cola Beatbox, cool looking building, but I didn't get time to go inside.
On top of the building is a BBC studio, inside that's Jake Humphrey live on air.
My favorite photo of the park, taken just minutes before I left.
I waved goodbye to the park and caught the tube to the coach station, the journey home was lovely as I had a chance to sleep for a little bit, I couldn't believe how tired I was after all the day's excitement. My lovely boyfriend came and picked me up from the coach station and on the way home we stopped by the Olympic Rings in Coventry and took a photo before they take them away.
Coventry's Olympic Rings on the A444.
I'm so pleased I got to be part of London 2012, I had a great time at the park, and I can now say I've been to the Olympics, instead of wishing for it to come true. Being on my own wasn't bad at all, I chatted to so many lovely people from around the world, and even if we couldn't speak with each other, gestures were enough. It was a day I'll never forget and it'll probably take a while to sink in that I have actually been to the Olympics.

I hope you haven't minded my extremely long posts, but I wanted to have something on my blog so I've got something to look back on. It'll be back to normal service from now on and I promise the next post will be about polish. :-)

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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