Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vintage Vault - L'Oreal - Laqui Resist - 193 Rome

Hi, today I've got a wonderful vintage polish for you, it's a lovely old L'Oreal LaquiResist called Rome.

I adore old polishes like this, I wish I could find out when it was made and what collection it came from but I think I'd have to do alot of digging online to find out, I shall just have to be satisfied that it's in my stash as it is rather lovely.

Rome (or number 193) is a funny orange, it's a bit of a colour shifter depending on the light, in the sun it's a bright orange but it's a more subdued dusty orange in the shade. It's a shimmer that it on the edge of being frosty, but whatever it is, it's pretty swoon worthy.

This had an amazing formula for an old polish, I could've almost got away with just doing one coat, but I did two as there was a tiny hint of vnl which I wanted to cover up. It dried nice and quick too. I wish L'Oreal still made polish like this, I like some of their newer stuff but I really hate the tiny bottles and high price tag so I don't buy any unless I find them cheap.

I do wonder when they stopped using this bottle shape, I really like it, although most of my bottles caps don't sit square with the bottle which really bugs me, but hey ho, I'd rather have a vintage polish with a wonky cap than none at all. :-)

What do you think of Rome, and do you have a favorite vintage L'Oreal?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)


  1. WOW! it's really juicy orange! love it!
    So I have at least 10 vintage L'oreals and I can't choose a favourite. I think they made unique and great colors and every polish is a really gem :)

  2. What a creamy, rich orange! YUM!