Thursday, July 19, 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire vs Urban Decay Burnout

Hi guys, today I've got a comparision post for you. I've seen so many people blog about Fantasy Fire by Max Factor, so I held off posting about it for a while. I actually saw Fantasy Fire in Boots on the day of release, and I didn't have any spare cash to buy it that day, needless to say I was kicking myself for weeks as after that day I didn't see another bottle on the shelves for three weeks, so when I did see it I jumped on it, and took advantage of a three for two offer and got three bottles!

Anyway, I've seen comparisons with Clarins 230, aswell as Urban Decay's Toxic, I don't have either even I'd love to have them so I had a look in my stash to see if I could find anything like it. What I found was Urban Decay's Burnout

Here are the bottles of polish I've used for this post.

L-R Revlon - Rock, Max Factor - Fantasy Fire & Urban Decay - Burnout
Here's some close ups of that lovely colour changing shimmer.

I started off with Revlon Rock as my base colour, I thought it'd be good to see how both polishes behaved over the same colour.

Revlon - Rock
In all the photos it's Burnout on the index and ring fingers, and Fantasy Fire on my middle and little fingers.

One coat of each, Burnout is rather milky, but I quite like it over the purple, Fantasy Fire is behaving as I expected it would. For some reason this is the only good photo I managed to take with one coat on.
Two coats each of both polishes, the milky base in Burnout is smothering the purple base and creating a whole new colour. In this photo I tried to show the green showing through.
Two coats, and you can see the colour changing shimmer doing it's thing.
Two coats of each, and this shows the green coming through.
Three coats of each, although it's milky Burnout still shifts colour like fantasy fire, but without having the purple base.
Three coats, and here you can see both polishes showing yellow.
I know they're not the best photos, I had bad light, but hopefully you get the idea. Obviously the two polishes are very different, Burnout's milky base means that you end up with a much more subtle colour, but it still has all the colour shifting powers of fantasy fire. Meanwhile fantasy fire keeps that purple colour and glows a bit more.

I think as layering polishes, this could both be good, I'd like to try Burnout over a red or green to see what it's like, and I think fantasy fire could do with a brighter base colour underneath.

Have you got any good layering combo's for either of these, if you have I'd love to hear about them. 

 Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-) 

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