Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vintage polish from my past - Part 2

I hope you're ready for some more old polish, as it's time for the second part of polish from my past.
I really have loved going through my old polish, it's funny that I went through a very short period of about a year painting my nails, and then stopped. I don't think I painted my nails until nearly seven years later and again it was only briefly, so it's nice to have kept the polish I had, some of them I really love and a couple are really quite cool as you're about to see.
L-R Tuesdays Girl, Star Gazer- Neon Green, 17- Unknown Purple, 17 - Green Genie, 17 - Light Reactive, Miss Selfridge - Purple Glitter
All of these are unusable at the moment, they've all thickened up, but then they are over 10 years old. I'm going to get some thinner so I can do swatches, although these aren't the most unique colours, apart from the last two, which are just too far gone, and that's my fault for trying to thin them with polish remover thinking that would do the trick, boy was I wrong!
Back to the colours, the first two are neon's, not that you can tell from my photo, I used to wear anything neon when I was a teenager, so neon polish was right up my street. The one that looks like it's blue is a lot more purple in real life.I think I only wore Green Genie once, even when it was new it was super thick, and it's only got thicker over the years, it's a cool colour though. Next up is the Light Reactive polish, this used to be amazing, in shade it'd be a pretty pink with multicoloured glitter, and out in the sun it went purple, I loved this polish and spent years wishing someone else would make some as this bottle stopped working a long time ago. Now I've got a bottle of Solar Active Blaze, although I've not tested it yet. On the end is a polish from Miss Selfridge the clothes shop, it's glow in the dark mixed in with small purple glitter, this was so cute until it dried up, I blame the silly metal screw cap.

L-R 90's Top Shop Polish - Wizzy, Monster, Fever & Camden
Are these the coolest polishes or what! I've heard people rave about Top Shop's new polish, but they don't do stuff like this anymore, plus they've got really cool names.

Wizzy is made of hex and bar holo glitter, it was the first holo glitter I ever saw. Next is Monster which is blue and yellow bar glitter, I love this combination of colours, haven't seen it anywhere else. Fever was so amazing to me that I had to buy two bottles, it's glow in the dark, and it's got holo glitter in it, it glows really well, and it's made me very happy over the years. Last but not least is Camden, this one is black and silver hex glitter, if I can rescue this one I can't wait to use it, I'm thinking I might try it over red.

So that's your lot, if I could, I'd love to get back ups or replacements of some of these, especially the Top Shop ones, but I've no idea if they sold many, so that might just have to stay a dream.

I hope you've enjoyed having a peak at what was on my nails in the 90's, if you did, you might like to know I'm thinking of doing a post about my old make up from back then too.

Cheerio for now.

Heather. :-)


  1. Ahhh just found this post. THOSE TOPSHOPS. I DIE.

  2. When I get some thinner I'll swatch the Topshops especially for you.

  3. I'm with Kaz - wowza on those Topshops!