Sunday, June 30, 2013

June's Nail Polish Haul

This is a very rough and ready post, I really need a new camera, you wouldn't believe it but these photos were taken in bright sunlight outdoors, but they were so dark I've had to fiddle with them to make them brighter, I'm certainly not going to be winning any photography awards for this post. :-)

So this month I got a few really awesome polishes, I think my favs are the Nails Inc ones. I havent worn them yet, but they are jelly bases with a golden micro glitter and they dry textured, I can't wait to swatch them for you as they're like nothing else I've seen.

So here's the very dodgy photos of this months haul...

Nails Inc - Elm Park Road, Raphael Street, Cadogan Gate, Lyall Street
Orly - Androgynie

Maybelline - Ceramic Blue, Shooting Stars
Barry M - Sour Apple, Liquorice, Superdrug Limited Edition SLE 2013 B
Barbra Daly - Liquid Lane, Fairy Tale
Rimmel - Camouflage Chic, Break The Ice, Rocking Royal
Sally Hansen - Ivory Skull, Yellow Kitty, Party Girl, NYC - Midnight Amethyst
Clate - Cookies And Cream & Shooting Star Caviar

Revlon - Emerald, Varnished, Ignite, Spice It Up, Mischievous, Runway Pearl, Provence

Maybelline - Purple Trend, Onyx Rush, Plum Intense, Heartbreaker, Banana Bamba, Grand In Green, Brilliant Sparkle, Pink Glimpse

Collection 2000 - Ginger, Fizz, Pink Moon, Valentine, Glitz, Peacock, Crimson, Rosette, Pink Spl it, White Topaz

W7 - Magnetic Magic Blue Sparkle
Me Me Me - Pinkola
Collection 2000 - Catwalk
Miss Sporty - 111, 112, 30

Bourjois - 1 Seconde - 2, 13, 15, 30, 10 days - 15, 20, 21, So Laque! - Santal Opulent

So, that's June's haul post, all mostly cheapies from the pound shops and other sources, including TX Maxx which is were I got the Nails Inc polishes. I did notice that I picked up a lot of pinks and browns, neither are my usual type of thing, but make them cheap enough and I'll try them out, especially if there's shimmer or glitter involved!

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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