Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vintage Vault - Revlon Street Wear - Envy

Hey, sorry I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front, I've started work at my local bus garage as a proper bus driver now, I'm still in training as I still have a lot to learn and there's routes to learn with a buddy driver, but it's been lots of fun so far, and I'm looking forward to when I get out on my own.

Anyway, you're not here for my bus driving adventures, so let's get onto some polish!
I love my vintage Revlons, and have quite a few, but I don't have many of their Street Wear range, partly because I don't see a lot in the UK, and partly because I know that once I start collecting them I won't be able to stop! One of my few street wears is todays polish, it's a pea green with super sexy golden shimmer running though it, it's called Envy and I think that's a pretty fitting name.

Ahh, isn't it lovely, although you have to ignore the fingers that surround the polish, my hands have been having a rough time of it lately. The first coat was a bit thin as the formula was watery, and the second coat dragged at the cuticles so I applied it a bit thicker for the third coat and dabbed extra polish where it was dragging, the polish was good at leveling out so it worked out okay.

This colour polish should be a standard in polish ranges, but alas, green still doesn't seem to get the love that it should from the high street stores, but at least there's treasures like this beauty to keep me happy. :-)

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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