Saturday, June 01, 2013

May's Nail Polish Haul

It's haul time again, you know every month I don't intend to buy as much polish as I do, but I just end up in situations where there's little bottles of polish telling me to take them home and cherish them, I just can't say no to them, I just hope they're happy in their new home. :-)

This months haul was made up of both vintage and new stuff, in fact most of it is new stuff which is unusual for me, but it's nice to have a mix as even though I always get a buzz from a great vintage find it's just as much fun to go into Superdrug or Boots and spot an exciting new polish that you just have to have.

Sally Hansen - Rhinestone Frost, Soft Blush, Shy, Lavish
Sally Hansen - Gray by Gray, Black Platinum, Angel Wings, Hidden Treasure
Sally Hansen - Lustrous, Night Flight, Lemon Lime, NYC - Magic Earth, W7 - Magnetic Magic
Maybelline - Speckled Pink, Rain Forest Canopy, Chalk Dust, 665, 661, Collection - Love Jewel
Rimmel - Blue Glitter Club, 2true - Shade 4, Shade 5, Shade 6, Boots 17 - Juicy, Silver
Barry M - Copper, Denim, Outdoor Girl - Blue Shimmer, Purple Shimmer, Brown Shimmer
China Glaze - Galactic Gray, Cosmic Dust, Strap On Your Moonboots, All About Nails - Cocoa, Purple Rain
Not photographed, but also added to my stash were a bunch of W7's - High Noon, Twilight, Dawn Raider, Red Dazzle, Pink Dazzle and Green Dazzle. I also finally got some thinner so get ready to see some old Rimmels on my blog, and hopefully some of my polish from the 90's including old Topshop polishes.
I Just have to add that I'm currently listening to Kylie Minogue's new song called Skirt on repeat, I love her and I just love the new song, it's dancey and it's pretty noisy and has the weirdest song structure but I just can't help but sing along to the amazing chorus. Have a listen yourself and see what you think, I think you'll either love it or hate it! :-D
So that's it for today, I'm hoping to make the most of my weekend off after getting back on the buses, I'm hoping to either get some more digging done in my garden or make a new home for my Degu's as their home at the moment is way too small for them. I hope you've got a nice weekend planned and I'd love to know if there's any polishes from my haul you'd like to see swatched, and feel free to let me know what you think of Kylie. :-)

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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