Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Pretty - Concrete Effect - Turquoise

First thing I have to do in this post is to say sorry to anyone outside the UK, today's polish is by a UK brand called Pretty that's exclusive to Poundland.

Poundland now have two exclusive nail polish brands Pretty and Jess, both have some really nice shades and I've built up quite a collection of both partly helped by the fact that they're all just £1.

Now some cheap polishes can be a bit hit or miss, and usually they stink to high heaven and never dry, but this one is a polish well worth searching for, I've not seen anything else like this in other stores and for a pound I can forgive the pong.

It's a labeled as a concrete effect, not sure if it really looks like concrete, but the finish is certainly cool. It's a lovely turquoise with silver glitter mixed in, the base is quite thick but the glitter still peeks through. It dries matte, so you end up with a polish that's smooth to the touch, but looks like it could be gritty. Overall I really love this polish, and wish there were more colours in the range.

The last photo shows the matte finish off the best, but you can also see that I didn't have the easiest time with it. It dries quick and is thickish so I didn't do a perfect job, but from a distance it looked okay. I used two coats and I'm sure the next time I use it I'll get it even on all my nails now I know what the formula's like.

If you want to see more of the Pretty range you can have a look on Poundland's site here, sadly you can't buy them online so you'll have to visit a store near you to see what goodies they have.

So to sum up, this polish has it's bad points, it stinks, it's thick, and it's probably full of chemicals we don't need on our nails, but this is such a beautiful polish that none of those bad points matter and I just want more of this in different colours, a green or yellow would be good. :-)

So have you picked up any of these Pretty polishes if you're in the UK, and what do you think of these cheap brands popping up in discount stores?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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