Sunday, August 31, 2014

August's Nail Polish Haul

Well I'm not slowing down when it comes to polish, although this month my buying habits changed as I've been mostly buying from ebay as I haven't had time to go into town to the good old pound shops.

This month I tripled the number of Hard Candy polishes in my stash, although a few were not what I was expecting thanks to the seller advertising them as new (which for vintage polish reads un-used old stock) when in fact they were well used and in one case half used. but at least the seller did the decent thing and sorted it out with me, even though they were still adamant they were "new".

I added a bunch of old Rimmels to my collection after learning a hard lesson, if there's something you want on ebay as a buy-it-now and you think I'll wait a bit as they've got loads and they always re-list them, well buy it. I was holding off buying a bottle of Rimmel Sonic for that very reason, spending my money on stuff that was one time only auctions, and well, wouldn't you know it, when I went to buy it the other week, the listing had ended and the seller no longer has the stock, so I'm kicking myself and am rather gutted that I missed out on Sonic at a decent price. I have now learnt my lesson!

As well as the Hard Candy's and Rimmels, other vintage goodies added to my stash include yet more Revlons, some sexy L'Oreal's, a black label OPI and my first CND. I got some new stuff as well including more Jess from the poundshop, some Orly's, my first Elf's and the OPI Brazil Liquid Sand set, just because I love that finish and I had to have the yellow, I really wish they'd done full sized bottles of all the colours in this set.

So as usual, here's a ton of photos of all my goodies. :-)

Hard Candy - Flick, Ego, Complex, Angel, Pixie

Hard Candy - Anonymous, Retro, Trance, Liquid, Girlie

 Revlon - Strawberry Electric, Cherry Berry, Raven Red, Wine With Everything

Tease, Pink Nude, Blizzard, Mini's x 3

Rimmel - Glam Rock, Glitz It Up, 24 Carat, Hippy Chick, Rose Pink

Rimmel - Gold Digger, Hot Gossip, Glamourette, Razz, Celebrity Bash

Rimmel -Golden Girl, Good As Gold, Brit Pop, Flower Power, Black Pearl

Orly - Sparking Garbage, Choreographed Chaos, Beautiful Disaster, High On Hope Pink Your World

O.P.I - Divine Swine, I Lilac It Hot! mini's x 2, Seche - Nostalgic

O.P.I Brazil Collection - Beach Sandies Set

Models Own - Purple Blue, Pinky Brown, Nails Inc Biritten Street, Market Mews, Piccadilly Arcade

Maybelline Colorama - 56, 64, 72, 110R, 160, 256

Maybelline - Bronze Beam, Cocoa, White Dream, Sally Girl - Honey

L'Oreal - Glamour, Luxury, 501, Addictive Plum, Jeans Effect (Not Pictured)

Ozotic - 528, Creative Nail Design - Sugar Baby, Bourjois Special Effects - Gold Glitter, Erre Due - 85, Barry M - Shocking Pink

Sally Hansen - Style Steel,  Astor Fashion Studio Fruity Scent - 120, 122, Elf - Purple Dream, Metal Madness, Fairy Dust

Jess - Celebration (2nd Version), Rockerfella (2nd Version), Dragonfly, Pretty - Mosaic Rainforest, Mosaic Citrus Punch

Cherimoya - Puzzled Pink, Space Ocean, Dreamgirl, Gold Rush, Paradise Alien, Urban Jungle

So there's a fair few in that haul that I'm all "Yay!" about, and I am gonna have to get off my arse and get swatching, although I think my camera is on it's last legs, so I might not be able to do any if it pops it's clogs. If anyone's got a good camera for taking swatch photos let me know what model it is, it'll help me hunt for a new one.

So that's it for another month, expect more of the same next month as I'm not slowing down when it comes to buying polish, I'm having too much fun hunting for the stuff!

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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