Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Freshcover - Black Gold

Today's polish was found in a pound shop, I'd never heard of Freshcover before but the polishes I found were cool looking so I took them home with me.

I think Freshcover is a US or Canadian brand as I've never seen it for sale in the UK and all the mentions of it online on other blogs seem to be from that part of the world, if you know more about the brand feel free to fill me in.

Black Gold is a sexy vampy colour and I have no idea what so ever why it's got the word gold in it's name as there's no gold to be found here. Anyway's, the colour is a deep blackened dark red shimmer, it's one of those polishes that glows from within when the light hits it and catches the shimmer, but when there's no light it almost looks black.

Okay so I probably took way too many photos, but who cares right? Most were outdoors in direct sunlight, the second from last was outdoors in shade, and the last one was indoors with indirect sunlight. I used two coats and it wasn't a bad formula.

The cap on these is a funny shaped chromed affair, but it does lift off and you have a stubby handle underneath. I'll have to try to get round to swatching the rest of my Freshcover polishes, I've picked up some nice colours and as I couldn't find much info about them it might help my fellow nail polish obsessives as there'll then be some more swatches out there of this brand for people to check out.

For those of you in the UK you fancy some Freshcover goodies I've found Freshcover polishes turn up over here in pound shops and more recently T J Hughes, and no doubt there'll be some on ebay and other online stores.

What do you think of Black Gold, does it get a gold medal or not, and have you picked up any Freshcovers yourself that are swoon worthy?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)


  1. That's really beautiful on you. I wish colors like this didn't look just like black on me...

  2. Hey there, darlin! Love this polish, and love seeing you post again! Maybe I will one day, too!