Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vintage Vault - Sally Hansen - Prima, Prima Ballerina Collection

Okay, today I have a slightly different nail polish post, no swatches but bottle shots instead.

A few months ago I got a ton of old Sally Hansen Hard As Nails with Nylon polishes from the pound shops in town and being a bit obsessed with with my old vintage polishes I ended up trying to find out how old some of them were.

I'd noticed that a few had names that looked like they belonged in a collection and the numbers matched. Through a bit of digging I found that I had a few from one collection from January 2000 called the Prima Ballerina Collection, now of course I had to find the rest and armed with the names of the polishes I kept visiting the pound shops until I'd managed to find all but one of them.

So, as well as sharing the collection with you, this is a hopeful request, that maybe someone out there has a spare bottle of the one I'm missing, it's called A Star Is Born and it's number should be 2702-29 or 2702-38. I'd love to complete the collection, so if anyone can help me out that'd be great. :-)

Well I guess I better show you the rest of the collection, if you like any of these some can still be found on ebay and in some pound shops.

L-R Prima Donna, Take A Bow, Tutu Mocha, Encore
L-R Fame, Applause, Curtain Call, Rave Review
Here's the details of the polishes that I've got, including their number and a description of what they're like.

2702-30 Prima Donna
Biege shimmer with irridescent glitter mixed in.
2702-31 Take A Bow
Clear base with silver shimmer and Irridescent duochrome glitter.
2702-32 Tutu Mocha
Pinky brown frost/shimmer.
2702-33 Encore
Clear but slightly brown tinted base with irridescent duochrome glitter.
2702-34 Fame
Pink with shimmer
2702-35 Applause
Purple foil
2702-36 Curtain Call
Brown shimmer
2702-37 Rave Review
Pale gold foil

I'm not 100% sure if there was just nine in this collection, it seems a weird number, but I only found nine names on the internet, so I'm hoping that's it, if you know anything thing about this collection, or have A Star Is Born (I'd be happy just to see a bottle shot, although of course I'm dying to complete the set), get in touch.

What do you think of this collection, I think it's fun, I love the names, and I think the colours are pretty fitting, not that I know much about Ballet.

I'll try to swatch them all sometime soon, if there's any you'd like to see sooner rather than later let me know and I'll get to work.

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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  1. prima donna looks interesting! i cant believe you got these from the pound shop!