Sunday, June 03, 2012

7 Shades Of Blue - Day 7 - Rimmel Azure

Today's shade of blue is something that anyone in the UK can go and buy tomorrow if they like it, it's Rimmel Lasting Finish in Azure.

I thought it would be nice to feature something that is easy to find, I love seeing vintage polishes on other blogs, but it is nice to see stuff you can just pop out and buy the next day if you like it. No bottle shot today, it's straight onto the nails...

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Azure
Azure is a wonderful bright blue, nearly the the colour colbalt, it's got a shimmer finish which lights it up from within, this polish really does glow.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Azure

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Azure

I think for the price this is a pretty nice polish, it was a bit on the thick side, but I only used two coats to get it looking okay, with practice you could probably get away with one.

So that's the end of my 7 Shades Of Blue posts, I hope you enjoyed them, I think I'll have to think of another colour to do next, but I might do some random posts before I force another week of the same colour on you. Tomorrow I'll post a round up of all the polishes I featured, I think it's nice to see them altogether, if there's any colours you'll like to see a week of get in touch, I could do with some help picking what should be next.

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-) 

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