Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vintage Sally Hansen Haul

Hey, I thought I show you this amazing Sally Hansen joblot I got off ebay, some of them aren't the most amazing colours, but there are a few that are 100% amazing and I can't tell you how happy I am to own them.

Get ready for some photo spam. :-)
L-R Satin Slip Frost, Raw Silk Frost, Rich Plum Creme, Chenille Creme, Amethyst Frost

L-R Butterscotch Pop, Divine Frost, Geranium Red Creme, Royal Purple Chrome. Denim Creme, Cultured Pearl Frost
L-R Luscious Lilac Creme, Platinum Frost, Lime Creme, Blueberry Creme, Chill Frost
L-R Sterling Rose, Dividends, Instant Lottery, Angel, Twinkle
L-R Psychic, Passion Flower Creme, Gold Lame Frost, Atomic, Embellish Frost
I think my favorites are Twinkle for the colour shifting bar glitter that is the best thing in the world, Angel for being another really cool bar glitter, Chill Frost, Chenille Creme and Embellish Frost for having really cool shimmer.

It's funny that bar glitter was quite common back in the 90's and is only now coming back into fashion, it's the same with duochromes, it's like we've had to wait around 15 years for nail polish in the UK to become really cool again, I hope that this time it stays cool, and doesn't go back to being boring, I remember the late 90's when everything was really edgy and exciting, but then fashion decided that nudes and neutrals were going to rule the make up world and it's taken so long for the mainstream to get funky again.

I hope you enjoyed the spam and if there's any you'd like to see swatched let me know.

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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