Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nail Mail - Maybelline Haul

Hey guys, I've got nail mail to show you!

I might've spent a few penny's on ebay lately, today I'm gonna show you the vintage Maybellines I got. Get ready for some photo spam. :-)

Maybelline Nail Polishes in Electric Apple and Racing Green
Maybelline - Electric Apple & Racing Green
Maybelline Nail Polishes in Flamboyant Coral and Rich Plum
Maybelline - Flamboyant Coral & Rich Plum
These four were a joblot, I really only really wanted Electric Apple and Racing Green, but I think that Flamboyant Coral and Rich Plum will be nice, and I can't believe how bright Flamboyant Coral is, people will see me coming when I use that one....

Maybelline Nail Polishes in Purple Aluminum, Blue Aluminum and Sparkling Opal
Maybelline - Purple Aluminum, Blue Aluminum & Sparkling Opal
I got the two Aluminum polishes after seeing them swatched on blogs, I'd like to get the rest of the range, but I've only found these two so far. Sparkling Opal is like a lighter version of Blue Aluminum, but it has tiny holo glitter in it, and in the bottle it's got a very slight duochrome as it seems to shift to a light purple, not sure if it'll show on the nail though.
Maybelline - Pink Shimmer
I took a chance on this one, it looked interesting in the photo on the ebay listing, and I'm glad I got it as it's a duochrome, yay, I love duochromes so I'm very happy to get this. It goes from pink to a greeny gold, I'll have to swatch this one soon.

I'm really getting into old Maybellines, they've produced some great polish, and I would really like to get some of the US polishes, like the glitters as they're really cool.

Do you have a favorite old Maybelline in your stash, or one that you're lusting after but are yet to get your hands on it?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)


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    1. I couldn't find a swatch or even a mention of it anywhere so I took a chance on it on ebay, I didn't even know Maybelline had done any duochromes. I'll have to swatch it sometime. :-)