Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April's Nail Polish Haul

Hi guys,

I'm so excited with this months haul, I've had the most amazing luck with crossing some long time lemmings off my list, and I also found a Revlon Zing polish to add to the list of Euro Zings that Revlon produced (see my Zing collection here). It was my birthday in April and my lovely fella took me polish shopping and helped me pick out some of the W7's and I was given the Topshop's as well. 

The lovely market stall in my town is closing so I grabbed a load of their W7's while I could, I'll miss that little stall, I got some real gems from there in the past.

Anyway, enough waffling, here's the piccy's of my haul.

Revlon - Jungle Zing, Cherry Zing, Silver Star, Metallic Silver, Copperglaze Platinum, White Whisper
Revlon - Velvet Zing (this was an OMG find, and I didn't believe it was real until I had it in my hands)
Rimmel - Blutopia, Galaxy, Spank, Chick
Zoya - Victoria, Iris, Barbara Daly - Demin, TopShop - Eclipse, Sea Mist
W7- Mojito, Fluffy Duck, Sunset Island, Purple Rain, Blue-Tini
W7 - Cosmic Purple, Cosmic Mauve, Cosmic Green, Cosmic Blue, Cosmic Black
W7 - Mosaic, Salt n Pepper, Orange Dazzle, Blue Dazzle, Boogie Nights
W7 - Metallic Mercury, Metallic Neptune, Moondust, Envy, Purple Paradise
W7 - Sunset Blvd, Blue Lagoon, Midnight Express, Casa Blanca, Little Black Book
W7 - Flourscent Yellow, Sunrise, La Femme - Egyptian Gold, Rimmel - Marine Blue, Gold Infusion
Maybelline Sparkling Sands, Shimmering Snow, Sally Hansen - Cha-Ching!, Island Twilight, Mother Of Pearl
Well I think I might've gone a little crazy with the W7's, but I've been wanting to get a lot of the colours for a while so I think I can be forgiven. My favorites from this month have to be the Revlon Zings, I'm still chuffed to find one that was unknown until now and I can't wait to do swatches.

I'd love to know what polish you got in April that you're really excited about, and if there's any from my haul you'd like to see swatched.

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)


  1. You lucky, lucky thing!! CherryZing and VelvetZing are the only two that I am missing! Fantastic haul - you have a real knack for finding the impossible!

    1. I still can't believe I found VelvetZing, and I'm so happy to get CherryZing too, I might have some you haven't got, but you're still the queen of the Zings, there's still a fair few I need to get. :-)