Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Boots 17 - Wishing Star

At Christmas I picked up this lovely polish from Boots, it's from their 17 range and is called Wishing Star, I managed to grab the last bottle on the shelf and I'm glad I did as not only was it limited edition, but it's also quite a stunner.

Wishing Star is an interesting little polish, it's a beautiful golden foil that has a slight duochrome colour change at certain angles. In some lights it's a pale gold and in others is much more yellow, and it even leans a bit blue, whatever light conditions it's in, it's always super reflective.

As always I've taken loads of photos, I've tried to show it in as many different lights as possible to show you how it changes.

I used three coats, it was easy to use and being a foil dried nice and quick. I wish I had found the other polish that was released alongside this, I can't help but wonder what colour and finish it had. If you like this polish your best bet to find it now is ebay, but I'm not sure how many they made so you could be waiting a while to find one, in the meantime I'm going to be hunting for it's twin once I can remember what it's called. :-)

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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