Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vintage Vault - Revlon Color Beam - Bright Sky

Hi guys, I've got a slightly ironic polish for today, it's called Bright Sky, and here in the UK the sky is anything but bright, we've got yet another day of grey sky and rain, but at least the gardens getting watered so that's something.

Todays polish was from Revlon's Color Beam collection, it was made up of sheer polishes that were packed with shimmer that gave the polish a glowing look. The collection came out in 2005 and included Beam Of Pink, Flash Of Fuschia, Glow Rosy, Lavender Light, Bright Sky, Night Light, Starlight and Sunstruck. For some reason this collection came with silvery grey caps instead of the standard black which I quite like as it makes them stand out from the rest of my Revlon collection.

In the bottle it's a bright blue, and on the nails it's just the same, but it is a sheer polish so obviously you can see your nail though it, I ended up using four coats to see if I could get it opaque but it wasn't going to happen, but the extra coats did build the colour more and helped with the streaky application.

All the photos were taken in bright sunlight to show off the shimmer, the last photo shows what it's like when the light's not hitting it.

I'm not really into sheer polish, so I wasn't expecting to like this, but I really loved it, maybe it's just that lovely glowing shimmer, but whatever it is has made me want the whole collection now, I've got three so only five left to hunt down, sigh.

So what do you think of Bright Sky, do you like sheer polishes or can you not stand the sight of VNL?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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