Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Models Own - Snowflakes

Yesterday I showed you Rimmel's My Denim, well today I'm going to show you what I put on top of it. :-) What with My Denim being a creme I thought it'd be a good idea to try out Models Own Snowflakes over the top.

I've lusted after Snowflakes for a while, I love flakies and I don't have any quite like this so I couldn't wait to add it to my stash. The flakies are more like torn up peices of irridescent glitter as they're alot thicker than traditional flakies, they flash, pale gold, green, blue and purple.

So, I should love this polish, but I don't, the clear base is so thick that it makes the polish really difficult to use and I would've thought that Models Own's base for their glitters would be a billion times better than a cheap unknown brand from the pound shop, but it's not, it's worse.

Maybe I got a bad batch or something, I hope so as if I didn't I won't ever be buying a Model's Own glitter ever again, I hate paying out good money for something that's no good. But I do have to admit, it looked super pretty....

In the photo I used just one coat of Snowflakes, I thought there could've been more flakies in the bottle, and I'm going to have to try putting thinner in my bottle to see if it helps as the base coat was such a mess, you can see that I smudged one of my nails bcause it was taking forever to dry, but like I said above I do think it's really pretty and I'll be keeping it in my stash for now.

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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