Thursday, May 09, 2013

Green Fingers - Sedum's grown from cuttings

The name of this blog is Polish, Plants & More..., well I have had plenty of posts about polish, a few about "more", but only two about plants.

When I started this blog, the two things in my life keeping me sane were my growing polish collection and my garden, so it made sense to blog about both. I've been very slack when it comes to the plant posts, so to make up for it I've put this post together.

I love my garden, but I haven't had much money to spend on it, plants are surprisingly expensive, my way round not being able to buy many plants is to grow my own from cuttings, I'm still not a great gardener so I stick to plants that will grow easily, one type is called Sedums, they're evergreen and cover the ground well so help keep the weeds down.

I took cuttings from a few plants and thought it'd be fun to show you what I do...

Some cuttings I took from my garden, with the lower leaves removed, and one with some little roots.
Cuttings potted up into their new homes, hopefully they'll grow big and strong. :-)
Here's what they'll hopefully grow up to be like, this plant started as just a little cutting itself last year.
I've only got one border started in my garden, but I've put my sedums in it to spread out and give me ground cover. I love the different colours they have, and love that they're evergreen as I get to enjoy them all year round, they also have cute little flowers.

Another good thing about them is that when the birds peck at them and break bits off, the little broken bits can be pushed into the ground and they grow into another plant, so you can get lots of plants from just one tiny cutting. :-)

That's it for today, maybe I'll take photos of my my favorite plants and flowers in my garden and share them with you next.

I hope you enjoyed my little plant post, no doubt the next post will be about polish lol!

Cheerio for now.

Heather. :-)

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  1. How do you manage these in the winter? I keep trying to grow succulents but the winter weather always kills them even though it rarely snows where I live.