Monday, May 13, 2013

Rimmel Lycra Pro - My Denim

You know what, I don't own all that many creme polishes, I only tend to buy them when they're cheap (I'm talking £1 here) or I really, really like the colour, but what's really interesting is that most of my creme polishes are modern Rimmels, I collect Rimmels, and I just can't resist it when there's a colour I don't have and it's only a pound, that's how today's polish ended up with me, I do love pound shops. :-D

I always think that cremes are boring, and every time rimmel proves me wrong. My Denim is from the Lycra Pro range and comes in a 12ml bottle so you get plenty of it, which is good as this is a pretty sweet colour. It's a sopshicated blue, not bright and in your face, and it's also not too dark (I'm not really into colours that are so dark they just look black), the finish is lovely as well, all glossy and rich.

Look at those reflections, that's how shiny it is, and I didn't use any top coat, just two coats of My Denim, application was pretty easy, the more expensive rimmels do apply a bit better than the cheaper ones thankfully. It dried pretty quick, and overall I was happy with my purchase.

What do you think of My Denim, and do you love creme polishes or are you like me, not bothered until you use one and then quite like them?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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