Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Hello, is there anybody out there?

Well, this is my first post so I'd guess there isn't right now! So, maybe I should introduce myself to whoever finds this blog.
I'm Heather, I'm a slightly loopy girl who is a bit of an artist and I have a thing for collecting stuff. Through the years I've collected all kinds of things, I've got a pretty big record collection, vintage clothing, books, and I really love Formula 1 so I've got a collection of F1 stuff too. One of my collections that I want to share here is my nail polish collection, years ago when I was younger I went through a faze of painting my nails, I was never very good at it so after a while I stopped bothering, but I did keep all my old polish. Last year was when I started painting my nails again, I'm still not very good at it, but I found that having beautiful colours on my nails really cheered me up, so I stuck with it and now I'm getting a little bit better at painting my nails instead of my fingers!

I'd been using some of my old polishes, and I started looking online for info about them as a few were a bit gloopy and too thick to use so I wanted to see if I could get replacements, that led me to discover all these amazing blogs that are out there, and damn those blogs, I ended up lusting after all these incredible polishes that are out my price range. Luckily I found a market stall by me that had a little basket full of really old polishes so I started buying a few to satisfy my yearning for new polish. The first polish I got was an old Revlon, it was Seashell Chrome, I'd never had a chrome polish before and it got me hunting for more, before I knew it I was collecting all sorts of old Revlons along with Sally Hansens and Rimmels.

I'd like to document my collection of nail polish both new and old through this blog. I'm not good at photographing my nails yet, but I'll keep practising so that I can share swatches with everyone, after all it's one of the things I value most about other blogs so I think it's only right that I give something back too. :-) So, I won't have great swatches just yet, but I'll be posting photos of the bottles I've got and I'll tell you what I think of them, and if possible I'll include any info about when they were made and what collection they were from etc..

As well as nail polish I hope to share my gardening adventures with you, I started getting green fingers last year so I'm still learning, but it's really rewarding although it's not great for my nails lol! I'll probably be sharing some cookery ideas, and maybe talk about F1 a little bit too. :-)

Anyway I'll leave it at that, I hope someone will find my blog useful and I hope I'll get to know a few other nail polish addicts and gardeners through this blog as I'd love to chat to someone else other than my poor boyfriend about polish and plants. :-)

Cheerio for now. :-)


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