Monday, February 20, 2012

Revlon Chrome Polishes

Hey, today I've got a picture heavy polish post for you.

I thought I'd swatch my Revlon Chrome polishes. Sorry that these are old polishes, but most of my polish is old and discontinued, but if you like what you see these do come up on ebay every now and then.

Oh, and please forgive the state of my nails, they're still recovering from when I helped my Dad move a ton of wood (it literally was a ton, he'd ordered a load of railway sleepers for his garden), my nails all got busted up and my cuticles are a mess, but I'm learning about how to make my nails look nicer, so hopefully they'll look all beautiful in the future.

Right, lets get to the polish. The bottle shots were done on a overcast day so the colour's a bit different to the swatches. All swatches are basecoat, two coats of colour and no topcoat. First up is Golden Chrome.

Revlon - Golden Chrome Bottle
Revlon - Golden Chrome

Golden Chrome is a pretty pale gold. The brush on my bottle is a mess so it wasn't easy to apply and it left a few brush marks, but the finished colour is worth the struggle with the brush. I found the polish levelled out well so it didn't look too bad in the end.

Revlon - Cool Chrome Bottle
Revlon - Cool Chrome
The photos don't do this polish justice, Cool Chrome is a lovely light blue that has a bit of pinky purple duochrome, it's so pretty and I have nothing else like it. The only issue I had was that it was drying as soon as it hit my nail, so was a bit of a pain to use and ended up looking a bit of a mess, but maybe it just needs a bit of thinner or something.
Revlon - Copper Chrome Bottle
Revlon - Copper Chrome
Copper Chrome is exactly that, a true cooper coloured chrome, I think this one looks like you've poured metal on your nails, and it's really shiny. I really want to try water marbling with this one, I've had the crazy idea of using this and black, but I've got to learn to water marble first!
Revlon - Seashell Chrome Bottle
Revlon - Seashell Chrome
Seashell Chrome's a funny one, in the bottle it shows pink with silver shimmer, but when you paint it on your nails it goes on as a dark pink streaky mess, but then dries to a uniform pink, weird but cool.
Revlon - Khaki Chrome Bottle
Revlon - Khaki Chrome showing purple
Revlon - Khaki Chrome showing green
 Khaki Chrome is probably my favorite of the bunch, it's so cool, not only is it a chrome polish, but it's also a duochrome. It's main colour is light purple and it changes to a light olive green, this was lovely to apply as well although the brush is a bit thin. If you like duochromes and you see this for sale buy it, you won't be disappointed.

I think one of the best things about chrome polish is that it dries really quick and the Revlons are no exception, I did have some brush marks, but once the polish dries they're not too noticeable from a distance. They were all shiny and are the perfect polish for when you haven't got much time. The only downside they have, is that if you've got ridges (I've got loads from when I worked on cars) then they really show up as you can see in my photos, but if you've got some ridge filler they'll probably be fine.

I really want to get all the shades in the collection, but I've no idea how many there were, I guess I'll just have to keep an eye out for them on ebay.

Do you have any Revlon chromes, and what do you think of the chrome finish?

Till next time, cheerio for now.



  1. Khaki Chrome is stunning! That one is going on the wishlist FOR SURE! I've never seen a lot of these. Great post!

  2. Even Khaki Chrome's bottle is great, the paint they sprayed it with is duochrome as well. If you don't have Cool Chrome I know somewhere that has it. :-)