Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nail Polish Review - Maybelline Khaki Green layered with Sally Hansen Opal Truth

Hello again, today I've got another nail polish post for you, I'm quite excited about this one as it's my first post about layering.

The two polishes I've used are Maybelline's Khaki Green and Sally Hansen's Opal Truth, and I only came across this combination by accident.

Maybelline - Khaki Green & Sally Hansen - Opal Truth
Last weekend I painted my nails with Khaki Green, and it's lasting forever, it's on day 6 now and has only just started chipping, anyway, I went polish shopping yesterday and picked up the Sally Hansen from a pound shop, it was the kind of colour I wouldn't normally bother with but it had a nice red shimmer in it, so i naughtily tried a bit over my polish to see how sheer it was. It was sheer alright, but it made up for that by turning Khaki Green into something really special. Have a look below and see what you think.

Left - Khaki Green & Opal Truth Layered, Right - Khaki Green on it's own.
 It's created this beautiful colour that I'm finding hard to describe, I'll give it a go though, I guess I'd call it a greeny grey, with red shimmer, it's like no polish I own and I'm so happy with it. If you like it yourself it shouldn't be to hard to find the two polishes, the Maybelline is very easy to find in shops, the Sally Hansen might take you longer to find as I think it's probably discontinued, ebay's probably your best bet for it.

Right that's it for today, cheerio for now.


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