Thursday, February 16, 2012

Green Fingers - Something a little bit prickly

I thought we'd have a change of scenery today, so no nail polish, but a bit of planty stuff instead.

I thought I'd show you my Cactus plants, you're probably not that interested, but I think they're really cool so I'm hoping there'll be someone else out there that like's these prickly plants. :-)

I grew up being really curious about Cacti because my Grandma had a greenhouse jam packed with them, they were in her house too, and I learnt early on not to touch them or I'd get prickled. I found them really beautiful, they had the most amazingly bright flowers that looked as if they had been stuck on. I guess the thing that I really loved was how many of them there were, it was a sea of cacti, and I've always been a collector so I guess it's no surprise I was drawn to them.

Last year I started learning about gardening and plants after gaining a massive garden to play in, after growing a few plants and gaining a bit of confidence I thought I'd try something a bit more exotic, my lovely boyfriend treated me to some cacti, and I gave them a home on one of our window sills where they've been happily sunning themselves ever since.

So here's my cute little cacti family.

Here's Bob & Billy, not really, I haven't actually named them.
These two were the same size when I got them, but ones grown alot more than the other for some reason.
I love the hooked spikes on the left one and my Dad gave me the one on the left.
I'm so excited that the one of the right is flowering, I can't wait to see it in bloom.
Mr Lego Robot says hello!

I wish I knew what type they all are, I've no idea if they'll get big or stay small, whatever they end up like I'm happy with them as I'm enjoying watching them grow. I can't wait to see if any others will flower, I've had them for less than a year so I'm so happy that even one is flowering.

What do you think of my prickly collection, do you think I should give them names and talk to them like Prince Charles, maybe they grow quicker then!

Cheerio for now,


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