Thursday, January 03, 2013

December's Nail Polish Haul Part 1 - Sally Hansen

At the beginning of December I posted about all the polish I'd got in November, it was a lot, and I was pleased with the fact that everything was a bargain. Well I thought I'd do another post about what I'd collected in December, thing is I hadn't realised just how much polish I got last month, so I'm going to do it over three posts otherwise it'd be the longest post ever!

Last month I got polish from a few different sources and most was either given as a present or I used money I'd been given for xmas. Today I'm going to show you all the Sally Hansens I got. These were all £1, or 50p in a couple of cases from pound shops, and the only odd ones out were the Fire / Star Opals where I paid up to £3 via ebay, I only need one more and I think I'll have the whole set. The other polish I got that is helping to complete a collection was DVD from the HD line, I just need two more from that collection as well.

Right, let's get to it, here comes the polish porn.....

New Lengths - Gotholi, Yoyogi Park, Harajuku Station, Cosplay (Passport to Harajuku collection)
New Lengths - Fiery Red, Unlabeled, Chocolate Candy Brown, Chestnut
New Lengths - Black Cat, Silver Slingblade, Raven, Urban Chic
Hard As Nails With Nylon - Bright Metal, Tahiti Sunrise, Prima Donna, Antique Frost
Wildfire Opal, Pale Pink Opal, DVD, 24 Karat
Ruby, Hard Lemonade, Mint Sprint, Jumpin' Jade Jade, Dark Royal Blue
Xtreme Wear - VIP Pink, Lime Lights, Ocean View, Shooting Star, Very Cherry, Midnight Sky
That's 31 Sally Hansen's in one month, that's one for every day in december! I have no idea why they turn up in pound shops, but I'm so happy they do as you can't really buy them in the UK. 

I think my favorite finds have to be the four from the Passport to Harajuku collection, which were a Canada only collection from 2009, thanks to Kaz's post here for the info about the collection. I'm really happy to get Silver Slingblade and Urban Chic, even though I think they're the same polish with a different name, same goes for Black Cat and Raven, but I don't care because they're sooo cool!

The best polish out of the lot though is Bright Metal, I couldn't find any info about it at all, it's a duochrome, how a Sally Hansen duochrome can exist without getting blogged about I do not know, but it's gonna get blogged about soon I'll make sure of that! :-)

Well, that's your lot for now, but there'll be more haul posts coming soon so watch this space!

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)


  1. I'm burning with jealously over the Harajuku's & Black Cat. Let me know if you ever come across them again, I'll shoot ya the cash if you can pick em up for me! You're not the first I've seen to monthly haul posts, but you've inspired me to do my own now!

  2. I saw Harajuku Station the other day, if I see it again I'll grab it for you and any others I spot, and I'm sure that I'll be the one burning with Jealously if you do a monthly haul post, it'll be fun to do it together, to see what goodies we've found each month. :-)

    1. Can't WAIT, girl! Thank you! I just realized I forgot to reply to your email, I'm on it! <3