Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Revlon Peachy and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Today I ignored all the shimmery polishes that were calling to me and I picked out a creme as I fanced something different. The creme I picked was Peachy, a Revlon Top Speed polish, it's a pale pinky orange or orangey pink lol, it's like they took a pastel colour and added more pigment to make it a bit brighter.

My poor camera couldn't cope with the colour so I've had to adjust the photos, I really wish my camera would behave itself!
Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish Swatch of Peachy
Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish Swatch of Peachy

I'll start with the colour, I love it, it's one of those colours that makes me feel sophisicated and grown up. It dries slightly darker than the bottle colour, but it's not too different. It's a perfect shade for the summer, and I'm glad I got it.

So, I love the colour, but I don't love the formula, it's one of the Top Speed polishes and is meant to dry fast, but I hate it when a polish is drying as soon as it hits my nails, it just ends up looking streaky and I end up putting thicker coats on top to even it all out, I do think that maybe getting as much polish on the brush and applying it thick from the first coat is the way to go with this, at least after three coats it looked decent.

As I wasn't too happy with the finish, I decided that some layering would be a good idea, at first I was thinking glitter, but instead I reached for Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure and slapped a coat of that on, it really worked, the flakes matched the polish underneath sometimes, so in some angles you just get added texture, but in other angles you'd catch the yellow or green flashes from the flakies.

I was completely crap at capturing the colour shift of the flakies, but hopefully you get the idea. This is a combo I'll be wearing as soon as it warms up a little,  I can imagine bright sunlight really bringing out the best in both polishes.

I've got some other Revlon Top Speeds, I'll have to see how I get on with them, mind you I'm generally rubbish with most quick drying polish, so maybe I just need to be quicker when painting my nails, if there's a knack to them, please let me know, Peachy is such a lovely colour I'd like to do it justice. :-)

I know I've posted a few new polishes lately, but don't worry, the next post I've got lined up is full of vintage goodness. :-)

Cheerio for now.

Heather. :-)


  1. First things first, doll! I LOVE you're Revlon guide! It's so helpful and awesome for a fellow Revlon fanatic like me! SO COOL! *High five!* I had Peachy, but it gave me lobster hands so I gifted it away :( Now I kinda miss it. Hidden Treasure is icing on the cake! I used to have Nubar 2010, a dead-on dupe, but I sold it on my last blog sale....

  2. Yay, you spotted my revlon guide! I've been working on it for a while, so glad you like it. I can see how Peachy can give Lobster hands, but it's so pretty and it's unique in my stash so it's not going anywhere. :-)