Thursday, January 17, 2013

Laura Paige Week - Day 4 - Limited Edition No 25

When I saw this polish I have to admit I swooned a little, the colour just called to me and said take me home with you, so of course, that's exactly what I did!

Today's Laura Paige is just known as Limited Edition 25, why oh why didn't they give this a name, it should be law that all polishes have names, especially when they are as nice as this.

I did have my reservations about this polish, I thought that would be sheer as it seems to be just made up of blue shimmer, but I was impressed that after three coats it was opaque, no VNL to speak of. I think this might be one of my favorite blues in my collection, and it's certainly unique in my stash.

Laura Paige Limited Edition No 25 Nail Polish Swatch

It reminds me of the colour of the sky when the sky is really blue and there's not a cloud to be seen, it's bright, but not electric blue and the shimmer gives it a glow from within, I just really love this polish, and if you can get your hands on this you should.

I'm including a bottle shot as I quite like the gold band on the cap, it reminds me of my favorite brand of polish.

Laura Paige Limited Edition No 25 Nail Polish

As with all the other polishes this week I've popped Crystal Daze on top to see what it's like.

Laura Paige Limited Edition No 25 with Crystal Daze Nail Polish Swatch

I would never have thought of putting silver glitter on top of a lighter blue, but I like it, it's more delicate than over a dark blue polish, and I like the way it catches the light, like when light dances over rippling water, I think I'll have to try Crystal Daze over a light blue creme to see if it looks as pretty.

What do you think of today's polish, and are there any cheap brands that you've taken a chance on and have been pleasantly surprised by them?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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