Saturday, January 05, 2013

December's Nail Polish Haul Part 3 - OPI & Barry M etc

It's part 3 of my December haul post, and I still can't believe how much polish I ended up getting, I'm so happy that my lovely fella got me polish for xmas and I also got a massive surprise when my Dad's girlfriend gave me some OPI minis. 

After christmas I popped into Sally's where I normally just lust after OPI's and then walk out with nothing, but this time they had a sale on and there was no way I could resist a bargain and I came out with a polish I never thought would sit alongside my pound shop polishes. :-)

So this post contains the most expensive polishes I got in december, but in true Heather style I didn't pay full price for any except one, and that was only £2.99!

I hope you're ready for yet more polish porn, because here it comes.....

Barry M - Ruby Glitter, Diamond Glitter, Yellow Topaz Glitter, SLE 2012 A, SLE 2012 B
Barry M Magnetics - Red Sparkle, Green Sparkle, Sparkle Gold, Multi Sparkle, Sparkle Blue, Violet
17 - Wishing Star, 17 Magnetized - Green, Blue, Lilac, Grey
Unbranded Magnetic, Lizzie - Gold Dust & Innocent, Barbra Daly - Dazzle & Spellbound
China Glaze - Glistening Snow & Blue Bells Ring, OPI Goldeneye, OPI Mini's - Into The Night, Just Spotted The Lizard, Live And Let Die, Number One Nemesis
OPI - Piroutte My Whistle, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, Man With The Golden Gun
I got The Man With The Golden Gun! It's completely overpriced and over hyped, but for £12 (compared to over £30 full price) I had to have it, although I'm struggling with the thought of opening the box, it looks so pretty and I'll have to break the stickers to get it out, but I'm itching to try it out. I have to make a comment about the Dear OPI I Love You set, what were they thinking when they thought that excuse for a pen was a good gift? It's a peice of cheap crap, it looks like it's been made in a sweatshop by someone getting paid peanuts, it's not the kind of thing I'd expect a brand like OPI to be associated with, good job the polishes are awesome to make up for it.

I got all the Barry M Magnetic polishes from my boyfriend, along with some other polishes, until december I didn't have any magnetic polish, but now I've got loads! I was excited to see the Barry M xmas limited editions, I got the two from superdrug, I swatched the blue foil here, and I can't wait to try out the glitter.

So in December I managed to add 89 new polishes to my stash! I love christmas, that's two years in a row now where I've got loads of polish, I hope it's the same again next year. :-)

I'd love to know what goodies you got for christmas or what you picked up in the sales, did you cross any off your wishlist, and were there any polishes you wanted but didn't get?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)


  1. THOSE BARRY M GLITTERS!!!!!!!! O_O I only own one Barry M, I need more! Awesome end to your haul pics!

  2. You have to get some Barry M glitters, they're lovely, I'll have to swatch some for you, and then if there's any you want I can pop them in the swop box. :-)