Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Revlon - Ruby Ribbon

Happy New Year!

I'm really looking forward to this year, it feels like really good things are gonna happen and i'm excited to see what adventures lie ahead.

I decided that the first polish on my nails in 2013 would be a very special one, and that special polish is Revlon's Ruby Ribbon, a little Revlon fairy sent me a parcel full of Revlon goodies and it was the best early christmas present I could have wished for as I was lusting after Ruby Ribbon like you wouldn't believe.

Ruby Ribbon is a limited edition, in the UK the only way to get one was through an offer at Superdrug, but it is available to buy in stores in the US. It's a stunning mix of red glitter, fuchsia mini bar glitter and holographic bar glitter.

I love this polish, I'm so happy I have it in my collection, it's so cool, and I still can't believe the Revlon fairy sent it to me. :-)

Please be warned that before you look at the swatches, I had a really bad break on my index nail, it snapped nearly all the way across, but I was determined to swatch Ruby Ribbon on longer nails so I did a superglue and teabag fix on it, but it's made my cuticles look nasty, sorry about that. :-)

Revlon Ruby Ribbon Nail Polish Swatch

Revlon Ruby Ribbon Nail Polish Swatch

Revlon Ruby Ribbon Nail Polish Swatch

Revlon Ruby Ribbon Nail Polish Swatch

I used two coats of Ruby Ribbon and a thick coat of top coat as it's gritty feeling otherwise. My photos aren't the best, I took these photos outdoors when it was cloudy and I just couldn't capture just how lovely this looks in real life. In general it looks like a bright fuchsia glitter, then you'll spot the holo bar glitter catching the light. In my photos you can see the composition of the glitters, but on your nail it's not so easy to see, the red and pink mix together. 
Indoors this polish is so sparkly, and I think it's the best polish Revlon have released in the UK since Facets of Fuchsia, I really hope they start releasing more polishes like this in the UK as I'd eat them up, I'm sure that if they put this in their core line they'd have a best seller, I'd certainly buy a back-up. :-)

Did you manage to pick up a bottle of this, and do you love it as much as me?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)