Monday, January 14, 2013

Laura Paige Week - Day 1 - Grape Vine

This week I thought I'd do a series of posts about Laura Paige or LP as it says on the front of the bottle, a brand of nail polish that I've only seen in a local chemist in my home town. So I apologise if you fancy any of these as I don't know where else you can get them, but if there is any you fancy get in touch and I can see if they have any left.

The first polish I'm going to share with you is the first Laura Paige polish I owned, my lovely boyfriend spotted the display of cosmetics when he was at the chemists and he picked this one out for me as a treat.

Laura Paige Grape Vine Nail Polish swatch
Grape Vine is a lovely deep plum with a blue / purple shimmer, it looks really nice on the nail, and is brighter or darker depending on the light conditions. I think I used two coats for this photo, and looking at it I should've used three, I didn't notice the bald spots until I came to edit the photos so you could probably still get away with just two.

The formula is easy to work with, and the brush was a standard brush. I think considering this polish costs around £2 it's pretty good.

My boyfriend also got me a silver glitter polish by Laura Paige called Crystal Daze, it's a layering glitter, so I've popped one coat on top of each polish I've swatched to show you what it looks like, here it is over Grape Vine.

Laura Paige Grape Vine and Crystal Daze Nail Polish swatch

I really like Crystal daze, with one coat it's got just the right amount of glitter to show up on the nail but it still lets the colour underneath shine through. I really like this combination, I would never have thought of putting glitter over Grape Vine, so I'm glad I did for this series of swatches as it's inspired me to try layering other polishes that I wouldn't normally try.

What do you think of these Laura Paige polishes, and have you seen them for sale near you?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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