Monday, January 14, 2013

My furry friends - My pet Degus

I thought I'd have a non-polish post today, instead of polish photos I'm going to show you the latest furry additions to my family. :-)

I've got a cat already, he's the coolest and cleverest cat I've ever met, he came with me when I moved into my boyfriends house and they got on like a house on fire. My boyriends pets were two gerbils who were adorable, but they both died last year. We kept their cage, but we weren't in a rush to replace them as money's a bit tight, but one day all that changed...

We went to Nuneaton which is a town near us, we went to have a look round the charity shops, we found a few bits, but nothing exciting, so we popped into the petshop next to where we parked to get a treat for our cat. The shop is a big chain and aswell as selling their own pets they support a charity by using some of the cages to keep pets in that need adopting. We're suckers for cute furry animals, but usually we can resist, but we spotted a lone degu and we fell in love...

Degu's are quite like big versions of gerbils, and are really clever, they have big ears and long tails and are so cute. Anyway, we'd never had one before, but we fell in love with Poppy (she was called Bubbles when we first got her) as she was all on her own and as soon as we went up to her cage she came to us and let us stroke her, she even did a bit of degu talk as we walked away from her as if to say "don't leave me, take me home with you". The thing that really melted our hearts was that she'd been in a fight and she'd lost her tail, all she had was a little shaved stump, but it was like she didn't know any different and we just loved how cute she was.

So here's a few photos of my lovely Poppy, I think she's a natural in front of the camera, unlike me!

Poppy posing on top of a resin lamb we got for our garden
Poppy says hello!
Poppy showing off her shaved stumpy tail
Poppy and her new sister Daisy chilling out together
We got her a friend to keep her company, Degu's need company, we'd heard horror stories about degu introductions, saying they'd fight for a while, but they got on like a house on fire and it's like they've always been together. They love being let out in our hallway for a run, and are so friendly and cute, and I get to make my own food for them like dried carrots, and they love dandylions so I pick them out of my garden as I've got plenty right now.

If you like the look of degu's there's some excellent sites out there with great advice, but the main thing with them is that they need a really big cage, and the company of other degu's.

I hoped you liked seeing my furry friends, I'll say hi to them for you. :-)

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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