Saturday, March 24, 2012

Green fingers in March

Now the weather's getting warmer I've started doing stuff in the garden again, I really want to have it looking like a proper garden rather than just mud and weeds by the summer.

Before Christmas I'd started getting rid of the weeds, it's such a large area so I'm doing small bits at a time, I'd turned the soil over where I wanted borders, and then put weed fabric down to keep that bit weed free. The fabric seems to have done the job, there's only a few small weeds growing under it so I'm happy about that.

I sat and drew an aerial view of what I'd like the garden to look like once every thing's grown, there's going to be an area that's surrounded by climbing plants that will have a bench, it'll be a garden within a garden full of scented flowers. The rest of the garden will have borders either side that nearly meet in the middle of the garden and then open up to reveal more space which will have a bench and a pond for wildlife.

My doodle of what I'd like my garden to look like

I've never had a garden before so it's really exciting to start from scratch, but also very daunting as I'm having to learn as I go along. One thing I really love is getting plants for free, I love taking cuttings of plants and watching them grow, as I've got no money to spend on the garden getting anything for free is great. Luckily last year my boyfriend and I got quite a few plants from garden centres, most of them were reduced as they were a bit dead, but I've nursed most of them back to life.

My back garden with plants waiting to be planted.
My circle of bulbs surrounded by weeds and mud, and my cat Savvy.
As well as my garden I've got a few indoor plants too, although I find them harder to keep alive, I always give them too much or not enough water. My saving grace is my cacti though, they seem more than happy, in fact two of them are flowering now.

The cactus is only about 10cm tall, it's so cute with it's little flowers in bloom, the great thing about cacti is that they keep flowering for ages, I really hope a few more start flowering, I'm hoping that some will have really bright flowers.

Well, I think that's enough green fingered stuff for now, no doubt the next post will be about polish!

Cheerio for now,


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