Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Eel Skin

Just a quick note - I've had the images from these posts stolen and used by sellers on ebay without my permission so I've been forced to put my blog address over them, sorry about that. :-(

The other week I got some Sally Hansen Complete Manicure nail polishes so I thought I'd swatch them all and do a post about them each day this week.
Unfortunately I got a bad spilt on my index finger nail, but luckily I'd read about using glue and teabags to patch it up, so that's what I did. I hate that nail, it twists away from my other nails, and it's a different shape, but hey ho, that's life, there are bigger things to worry about!

So today I've got Eel Skin to show you.

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Eel Skin Swatch
Eel Skin is a lovely mid grey creme. I'm so happy I got this as I've got a few grey cremes but they're too thin and streaky, this stuff went on beautifully and levelled out nice too. In the photo I used three coats, but you could get away with two as it covers well, the polish dries darker than it shows in the bottle, but it's not too much darker. If you want a nice grey, I can definitely recommend Eel Skin, plus it's got such  cool name, what's not to love?

I decided I'd see what Eel Skin looks like with a bit of bling, so I threw on Relvon Stunning (aka Belle) and did an accent nail using a chunky Silver Glitter by Saffron (Colour No 7).

Sally Hansen Eel Skin layered with Revlon Stunning (aka Belle) & Saffron Colour No 7
I thought Silver would work well with grey, I nearly used Revlon's Galaxy, but I thought it might be a bit much. I really love the huge hex glitter in the Saffron polish, although it was tricky to get them out, I had to fish them out, but they're so cool it was worth the effort.

If you want to get your hands on any of these polishes in the UK, your best bet is ebay, although I'd check out your local pound shops for the Sally Hansen, and you might be able to get to get the Saffron at your local market as that's where I got mine, I think it was the princely sum of £1.15. Stunning (aka Belle) is probably only available on ebay or Amazon now, for around £3.50.

I hope you like my layering, and I hope you'll like the rest of the posts this week.

Cheerio for now.


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