Monday, March 26, 2012

Kylie Minogue's Anti-tour -Whoohoo I got a ticket!

Today I got tickets for what could be one of the best gigs of my life, and I can't tell you how excited I am!

Kylie Minogue is celebrating 25 years in the music business and as a gift to her hard core fans she's doing a series of small intimate tours. She's called it the Anti-tour as it's the polar opposite of what a Kylie gig would normally be, there'll be no big arenas, no dancers, no big projection screens, and most importantly no big hits. The whole tour will be stripped down to just Kylie and her band. She's singing songs that only fans will know, like B-sides, album tracks, and unreleased demos that got leaked, she's also been singing a couple of her singles but they're ones she hasn't performed in decades. It's possibly the coolest tour she'll ever do and I'm so excited that I'm going!

I'm a massive Kylie fan, I have been since I was little when I should be so lucky came out. I've followed all the twists and turns of her career, and as she was growing up and discovering who she was so was I. It's not been easy being a Kylie fan, for years I was mocked for being fan, usually by people that think they know about music but are actually just into whatever they're told is cool. But, I didn't let them get to me, I love her music, there's so much joy in her songs and her ballads are stunning, especially the unreleased but leaked tracks. There's a few songs I don't like, but overall there are so many songs I love it's hard to pick an ultimate favorite.

 What I love about Kylie is the range of music she's produced, she started off with cheesy but well crafted pop, then threw some dance influences into what she was doing, in the early 90's she started writing her own songs and started to have a more adult feel to her music. She signed to Deconstruction and went into dance music and came out with the amazing Confide in me, then the next album found her mixing dance with indie as she co-wrote songs with the Manic Street Preachers. Dance/indie Kylie didn't sell so well, her record company were having issues so she didn't get much promotion, as a result she signed to Parlophone and went back to her roots and created one of my favorite albums, Light Years, full of breezy pop and plenty of campness it was just what she needed to get her career back on track. After Light Years came the all conquering Fever album, I don't think it's her best album and it's dated now, but the singles off it were pure genius, Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Love At First Sight and Come Into My World are still played on the radio and have stood the test of time. Her next album Body Language produced the Single Slow, which was a bold and unique song, the rest of the album was inspired by pop from the 80's with Prince being a big influence. After that she went on to make two more albums, X which felt more like a collection of songs than an album, but has some great electro pop moments, and Aphrodite, a pure pop album that I love so much for it's joyousness.

Now that's just her mainstream output, but she's worked on collaborations with Nick Cave, Just Jack, Towa Tei, Pet Shop Boys & Coldplay to name a few, she's leant her vocals to indie songs and dance songs, and has even featured on a Bollywood soundtrack. She's pretty versatile, and seems to enjoy the challenge of stepping out of her comfort zone.

Most people think of Kylie as someone surrounded by a big production, but although that's a massive part of what she does, she's just as much at home sitting on a stool doing an acoustic set, and she's just as good in both situations.

Needless to say as a self certified hard core fan I'll be there at the gig singing along to every word. I'm hoping for a mix of songs from all her different periods, and I'll be happy with whatever songs she decides to sing. Most of all I'm gonna hang around after the gig in the hope of getting an autograph, as meeting Kylie in person would be a dream come true.

I'll let you know how it goes next week, the gigs next Sunday which is so soon and I can't wait!

Cheerio for now.


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